In this weeks lesson, we take a look at Chakras, and how your body picks up energy on a vibratory level. In lesson 1 we discussed Thoughts, but we didn’t touch upon HOW those thoughts affected you. This week we look at how your body has a system for vibratory frequencies, including thoughts, colour, light, sound, whatever! Actually, your body has several energy systems, both internal and external. The Chakras are connected to an external system called Aura’s, which is not covered in this video here. However, the Aura is how your body emits these energies at incredibly high frequencies, and the chakras are how you pick them up!

Chakras are also intimately connected to the 7 original branches of Yoga! The more you know!

Also, check out this article by Denise Yamaoka all about working with your energetic centers!

Finally, Chakras HAVE been found in Modern Science! Check out this video, Biophotons – Secrets of the Human Aura. A russian scientist has discovered Chakras and Aura’s through modern technology.

Links and Sources

BioPhotons – Secrets of the Human Aura Revealed by Russian scientists

Chakra Energy

Could Blocked Chakras Wreak Havoc on your Life?

Sacred Centers – Chakras

Chakras on Crystalinks

17 thoughts on “Chakras”

  1. I also suggest any one who wants to in power there chakras more to listen to the Indian kundalini chant when meditating it makes all the difference and the listen to the 3rd eye awakening but I also suggest that for you first time only do about 15 mins of it then as u do it more and meditate more start listen to more of it

  2. helo i have a problem with my chakras
    1: Apparently it’s because three chakras who took the other off balance , apparently by my, throat, heart and crown .
    2 : I have problems with earthen and to cultivate self-confidence
    and can my chakras also lock or blocking by harassment or scolded ?

    1. your chakras are not blocked by they way others treat you only the way you let it affect you if you let them bring you down then that chakra is gonna start to close down you cant just expect it to happen you must put the effort forward to don’t let the words they say get to you don’t even argue back with them just simply say I love you brother or sister and walk away now this will probably bring more scolding for a bit but just keep reacting in the same way also don’t be afraid just to walk up to people and start talking to them the worst that can happen is they don’t reply or reply in a mean way if this hapins just say alright then you have a grate day now and keep going with a smile on your face also surround your self with all colors not just your favorite ones on a sunny day meditate out said for at least a hour and then activate your chi witch there are lots of way to learn how to do so. never be afraid of what if just unless ur soul says don’t do it go for it and your soul wil gide you down the right path trust it don’t question it be free and open to the world.
      and to the colors It has to offer why do u think nature is full of every color known to man? cas they have always been needed

  3. If you dont mind me asking, exactly what is a vibratory level? The only thing i can assume is a mesurement of how high or low pitched a noise is.

  4. Regarding Reiki: Regardless whether it is Reiki or other kind of bio-energo-therapist (Reiki is just one of many approaches you can take to ask for help with your chakras and energy) you would want to make sure that the person you ask for help is somebody you feel you can trust!

  5. Hello,

    Is/have there ever been any evidence supporting the existence of the chakras? I always assumed them to be of psychological and/or Etheral nature.

    1. yes there has been study’s acupuncture has been around for a long time to let out the bad chi and what hapins with that is they put a needle in every chakra spot in the body to help open them up also colors have been studied and proven to depict some ones personality you can run some tests your self learn what each color means for each chakra then ask random people there favorite color then take a guess at what they are like9 times out of 10you are gonna be right also chakra has been around a lot longer then people would ever know even befor the bible it was well known but forgotten after Christianity took over every thing by power hungry churches and stoped any thing that wasn’t god so it makes sence that the knowledge was lost or put away and forgotten about by the united states because with out some religions things wouldn’t work out for big business and the government wouldn’t have any thong to hold over peoples head like in god we trust so every one thinks its part of gods plan and and they didn’t just fuck up and people will spend more money on xmass instead of just giving away…sorr I got off topic for a min there yes there lots to prove what he had said in the video you just half to take the time to learn the history and the facts about it :)

  6. I know the video says that blue for creativity, but does it also effect your voice because it’s nearby or am I confused?

    1. Yes, blue, 5th chakra is also for expression, voice, speaking, etc.
      Singing is one of best way to clear “blue” chakra. It is also easy to see what is a condition of “blue” chakra by listening to one’s singing.

  7. Hi, I just watched the above video. I’m new on this website and to all of these ideas, but without trying to I have worn a LOT of blue clothes. My bed sheets are almost always blue and half the things I own are blue. (It’s not even my favorite color) People are always asking me to repeat myself because I am too quiet. Is this an unconscious response to my small voice? Is there something I could try doing that might help me speak up?

    1. I am new here. And don’t worry about your problem. Exactly the same thing happens to me all the time. People always say I am very quiet and similar stuff. I am not an expert, maybe it has something to do with wearing blue clothes. If you want to be louder, it probably has something to do with uncertainty in yourself, or you just speak quietly. Try using the first lesson principle, think about speaking louder and you will speak louder. Trust me YOU won’t change yourself unless YOU want to change yourself. I hope I didn’t offend or something like that. If I did than I am truly sorry. No bad things intended.

    2. You might want to find out what is holding you back.
      You might also focus to speak clearly (clearly expressing what you want to say) instead of speaking louder.
      Expressing yourself is the key thing here. A blocked 5th chakra often is manifested by impression than one speaks quietly. Note that sometime person speaking quietly attracts a lot of attention. Being loud is not the solution!

  8. Thanx for the links. I took the test to see which of mine were blocked. It seems all of mine are closed. ALL of them. It really doesn’t surprise me though. Looks like I have some work to do.

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