In this lesson, we talk about one of the methods to communicating with beings of consciousness both higher, and lower than ourselves. We also talk about animal communication and how you yourself can also do it.

Interestingly enough, i’ve done some research since the production of this particular video and learned that Channeling as a mediumship might not be as safe as realized. Doing something like animal communication is fine, because it’s just talking to another being besides human. This applies to communicating with beings in higher densities as well. The problem comes in when I found that when a being comes INTO the body, and basically uses the body to convey messages (of course with the willingness of both parties), can have affects on the DNA of both parties. Because of this, the benevolent beings in the universe tend not to channel, which would lead us to assume that the beings communicating through people like Adamus and Kryon may not actually be benevolent at all. You have to discern for yourself though, as that’s just a theory itself. Ultimately I feel it’s good to listen to anything you want, take what resonates with you, and leave the rest behind.

Links and Sources
Guide to animal communication
Crimson Circle

10 thoughts on “Channeling”

  1. that’s weird when you said about animal communication cause am being animal communicating but by my self through thoughts and words, i mean am being animal communication since a little girl and i always communicated with cats, dogs and horses but last time i talk to a snow leopard in a zoo really far away with thoughts! good think you did your channeling video cause i never knew about it.

  2. Astro-travel, yes, good if you can do this. Dreams, night dreaming and understanding your dreams might be the best and most effective way of learning about yourself. Meditation also – if you want to start that journey – more than recommended.

  3. My view of the “danger” of channeling is fairly simple:

    Our physical brains (and the rest of our bodies, to a lesser extent)are very well-tuned interfaces between our individual souls and the physical universe. Whenever we share that interface, the system is attempting to tune to another vibration and that can very easily lessen the spiritual attunement of the human channeler to his or her body, causing all sorts of potential disruption. From Cayce on down, many channelers have been known to suffer severe side effects from too much time channeling. So I would, in general, advise against it, unless you feel strongly guided to do so.

    Communication between spirits is fine, but handing over the energy links to your body could be risky…

  4. So if the beings that are being channeled as the sources of knowledge for many of these videos are malevolent and not benevolent, then how are we to trust this knowledge?

    1. with youtube download its something for the computer that you can download something from youtube and save it on a usb or in the computer am done that with all the spirit science teachings.

  5. My question is on shifting to another frequency. Does this have anything to do with controlling your heart? Can you go forward and backward through frequencies. Does this have anything to do with The String Theory?

  6. your post production research seems to be intuitively correct. After reading the 2009 Kryon channeling, I am left agast. The notion that the representatives of the UN are our leaders is outrageous – in fact it is offensive. The UN is an arm of the united states and allows them to control their material interests. Further to that, Kryon speaks of governments solving our problems… the very nature of government and democracy is completely against the higher level consciousness. It is the governments which enable the wars. I am leaning towards malevolence.

  7. I am curious about the origins of the words mentioned toward the end of this video. Are they part of a human language or some other form of communication?

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