Welcome to the Spirit Side Chats

The intention for this chat is for Seekers of any kind, Spiritual, Atheist, Religious, or even Agnostic to come together in a space of peace, honest, open conversation, and talk about anything! Lets be open, lets be loving, and lets be kind.

There is a room list bellow the chat window, if you want to talk about something specific, check and see what’s up in the chat room of your choosing :)

TO JOIN ROOMS: type /join #roomname

Thank you!

-Jordan, Ray, & Team Spirit


 Channel/Room List
If you’re new to IRC, don’t worry it’s just like any other chat except it lets you do a few things extra.

  1. How do I Change My Display Name (Nick) ?
    Type: ” /nick myNewNickname ” without the quotes.
  2. How do I Register or Password Protect my Nickname?
    Check these instructions (good question, someone write it up and tell one of the ops in the chat and we will put it here.
  3. How do I Change Channels, or Go to A Different Chatroom?
    Type: ” /join #NameOfChannel ” without quotes.
  4. How do I Block or Ignore trolls and spammers?
    Type: “/ignore username” without quotes, replacing “username” with the name of the troll/spammer.
    Type: “/unignore username” without quotes, as before to reverse this.
  5. Can I use more commands?  Where can I learn the commands?
    for now google…
  6. Can I Use a Different Client to Chat?
    Yes! The IRC domain we are currently using is: chat.freenode.net
    The default channel is #spiritscience
  7. Room too full? 
    Try joining any of the channels/rooms listed above.
    Or you can make a new chatroom and tell your friends about it!
  8. Have any more questions?  Have a channel you want listed?
    Tell us in the comments section bellow! :D

882 thoughts on “Welcome to the Spirit Side Chats”

  1. Note to Chronomage: There’s a big difference between trying to explain yourself and having an attitude problem, which is hard enough in itself when you have 3 people asking you questions and insulting you together lol. But hey ho, that’s you’re personal truth and I’ll live mine. :P Was cute of you to protect your fellow dictator moderator though even though he was calling a chat user an ass and swearing at him. Good job folks, all this over an intense debate regarding the concept of truth. I’d advise new members and existing members alike to keep their own opinions and ideas at bay to prevent being banned :P Those mods have the power and they’ll slam it on you as they see fit with absolutely no justification whatsoever. I’m glad I said the F word to you chro and told you to ban me because that’s exactly what you were going to do anyway and the funny thing is me and you get on well yet you always kick me out the way of it when I have something worthwhile to say that isn’t easy to grasp and takes considerable thought to engage with….and how you can call that trolling is beyond me….you can’t just call people trolls as you see fit…I thought this is what you used to teach me and tell me not to do? Ah well. Luckily this is just a chatroom and not the external reality in which you think I have an attitude problem and get beaten up a lot which isn’t the case obviously lol. Alzander gets chopped down once again for being too insightful and philosophical towards an aggressive bias mod….and that’s perfectstorm, not even chro lmao. Peace. Ahahahha.

    1. God is the consciousness upholding this reality and watching everyone 24/7 (the all seeing eye of the One-Mind). God will always exist and never cease to exist. Everything is God (nature, demons, light, ignorance, etc.) But since God is already perfect and complete, God is unaffected by these and these at just small quantities of God’s infinite potential. A particle of gold is still gold. And since you are a particle of God, you are God as well. We are infinite star beings stuck in a material body in this consciousness-reality program/matrix of 3d. Expand your awareness/consciousness to ascend to higher dimensions after you leave your material body.

    2. Hi Kaylalynndecker,

      God is omnipotent. God is everywhere and inside you. Do not be discouraged. Sometimes it can feel as if you are a alone and the world can seem like a very dark place. Sometimes sorrow weighs upon one’s shoulders as it becomes an insurmountable task to even muster the energy in order to drag on foot across the floor over the other. Remember that no matter what religion or philosophy you follow, whatever you believe in, your God/Gods or some force helps you carry you feet and helps you carry on. Your lungs help you breathe, your heart beats for you, the sun rises for you, the sun sets for you, the moon shines for you, and never takes a day or moment off. “With god nothing is impossible”.

      Whatever you are going through, if you are going through something – remember that not everyone will understand but there is someone out there who will. If anything, your body, the air, the sky, the tree that hugs you as you sit under it for it’s shade understands you and does it’s best to comfort you and sooth you.

      Happy Holidays. <3

    3. Nobody in this world truly knoes where god is. In the vedas it is written that god resides inside ourselves. He/She exists in the form invisible to eyes. We could only feel him and not see him or hear him.

    4. He exists in the spiritual heavens which exists outside of physical creation. It can’t be seen and flesh and blood cannot exist there. Only spirit life-forms such as angels and God himself.

    5. God will manifest itself once you forgive yourself entirely, especially with the people who are around you in life. Try to find peace with all the people around you, even if it’s the hardest thing to do. You must forgive all.

  2. Hey guys, how many of you managed to Astro Project? What do you remember doing the last time you did it? I am quite hyped on to get on to do it, even though it doesn’t work quite well for me right now, at some point it will. If you are to give me a tip, do that – what’s up there? Is it scary? I was told not to do it into completely dark room…but any other tips? I do kind of expect a lot of fun out of it, but I am very curious…
    Why Astro Project? I’m fed up waiting for VR gaming to mature, so im looking for some fun experience to have some shiz and giggles with so yup……

    What’s your technique of triggering it?

    1. I’ve been banned from the chat but I will tell you what I do. I’ve astral projected a total of around maybe 15-20times. First make sure your diet is somewhat clean. No soda pop or really artificial foods. More vegetables help as well and even raw cocoa.

      Anyways, let me continue. The best time to astral project is when your body is extremely tired and you will fall asleep right away. Even if your sleep is interrupted and you want to go back to sleep is a extremely good time as well. Make sure your room is completely dark and quiet as well (no interference of light or sounds so you can do it without being interrupted).

      While you are falling asleep focus really hard on your third eye. Focus so hard like its a vortex in your mind and you want to be “sucked in” by the third eye’s portal. While you are doing this control your breathing by taking very deep inhales and exhales (5 seconds each). Your mind should not think about anything else other than concentrating on your breathing and focusing on your third eye.

      If done correctly you will feel a ringing sensation over your head and hear a loud noise. You must not panic or you will cancel the projection. At any time during the projection if you get too scared or excited, you will cancel it and wake back up. If you fail, try again lol.

      There is nothing to be afraid of. Your mind creates the fear when the fear actually does not exist. Other entities also cannot harm you and you are always attached to your body, so you can always astral travel safely.

      If done correctly your mind should be awake out of body in your room. From there you can fly, go through walls, etc. Basically, you can do whatever that you believe or think. So your only limitation is your own mind. Its a mind-space, so know that your mind creates the reality very rapidly.

      Everyone astral projects when they are dreaming but they do not have conscious control. Astral projection is having consciousness while dreaming, Good luck :)

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