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Ask Teal – Dependence vs. Independence

Those of us, who find our way to spirituality, usually have done so as the result of being in pain in some way.  Our needs have not been met. 

We feel an empty dissatisfaction with life itself because of it.  Most of us are also not strangers to self-abuse in its multitude of different forms.  But even though we feel better once we find spiritual truths to live our life by, our ways have not completely changed. 

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Ask Teal – 10 Tips For a Successful Relationship

In this episode, Teal explains that relationships are the real heart of expansion… Which means they are the most contrasting experiences we have in our human lives. They are the source of our greatest joy and the source of our greatest misery. They create the means for our personal evolution. And so in order to have successful relationships, we need to learn how to flow with the current of that change. We need to learn how to cultivate harmony while allowing that change within us to take place. Talk about difficult. It is the work of several lifetimes. Unconditional love is an exchangeable term with enlightenment. And so it is a thing we will be practicing for the rest of our lives. Some days you’ll do have an easier time with it than others.
In this episode Teal shares ten tips, which will help us to have successful, enjoyable relationships.


Ask Teal – Overcoming Addiction


In this episode of Ask Teal, the topic addressed is: Addiction.

Addiction is the participation in a habitual activity or substance that a person seeks out in order to feel relief, but which has more control over a person than a person has over it.  Most of us alive today (given the previous statement) are addicted to something.  But obviously there are varying degrees of damage that specific addictive activities or substances do to a person’s life.  This video is aimed at those individuals who have noticed that their particular addiction is doing damage to themselves and their lives.  In this video, Teal explains that addiction only reinforces powerlessness.  She outlines steps that one can take to stop their addiction.  And goes on to say that the absolute most important part of recovery is to discover and heal the motivation behind the addiction.  Teal explains that addiction is not about the substance or activity that we are addicted to.  Addiction is always about what we are trying to run away from, avoid or make ourselves numb to with the addiction.  Until we find and heal what is beneath the addiction (what led us to the addiction in the first place), the motivation for engaging in the addictive substance or behavior will remain.  If the motivation remains, the addiction will remain.  The person, whose motivation remains, will experience relapse after relapse.  Recovery is not just about removing the substance or activity from our lives, it is about creating a whole new life where we don’t even feel the urge to engage in our addiction in the first place.