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Pair O’ Dime Shift 12 – A Cup Full of Empty

Have you ever heard the phrase “Fill your Cup from the inside” or “Fill your own Cup” ?

Usually it’s used in reference to weight loss, and often it’s used in the new age spiritual community as well.

Often i hear this mantra being lived by as if it were a religion, but yet it always begs the question. “What does it look like to Fill your Own Cup?” Continue reading


Pair O’ Dime Shift 11 ~ Skeletons in the Closet

Happy Halloween Everyone!

In the spirit of the season, lets talk about fear, those pesky skeletons in the closet that get us all worked up. I get a lot of questions about how does one go about “releasing” fear, and my answer always seems to surprise everyone i talk to about it.

Continue reading


Pair O’ Dime Shift 9 ~ The Grand Misconception

This Week, lets real talk about one of the greatest misconceptions known to mankind!

You see, in every area of our world we are told we have to find the inspiration on the inside, that’s the only place that it exists, and if you don’t feel it, there’s something wrong with you… or you’re broken.

We all are a balance of Male and Female energy, it constantly cycles within us, through us. We receive with female energy, and give with male energy. This is an exploration of how Inspiration happens and becomes manifest. Continue reading


Pair O’ Dime Shift 6 ~ Who Should Lead?

This week, i’d like to talk about Leadership and Inspiration.

It’s really simple. This is not about fighting. It’s not “down with the bad stuff!”, it’s about what you’re standing for.

We don’t have a lot of fighting to do. We have a lot of Standing to do. Continue reading