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Sensory Processing Disorder: The Science Behind Being An Empath

I knew all my life that I was “sensitive” and could pick up on things that others did not.  I also knew that my body didn’t handle sensory stimuli the same way other bodies did.  I could easily become overwhelmed by itchy clothes, too much noise or strange smells.  High emotion in a room could send me over the edge. 

Sometimes if too much input came at me all at once, it would send me into a full blown panic attack. But it wasn’t until I began studying Sensory Processing Disorder that I really came to understand that being a “empath” isn’t just some woo-woo label that New Agers made up to make themselves feel special. I learned that my nervous system is actually wired differently than most humans.  Yes, it’s actually a scientific reality.


I like to think of Sensory Processing Disorder as science’s explanation for what’s been known by mystics as the “Empath”.  In this space, science and mysticism come together beautifully.

Revolutionary occupational therapist, psychologist, and neuroscientist A. Jean Ayres, Ph.D., explained Sensory Processing Disorder as a “traffic jam” within the brain.  This traffic jam keeps parts of the brain from receiving and interpreting sensory information properly.

Someone with SPD receives sensory stimuli just like other people do: smelling, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, balance, and the sense of where the body is in space, but when the sensory signals reach the brain, they get scrambled.  Not only does the brain interpret information differently, but the person with SPD may in fact actually be accessing MORE information than the average person. 

Getting flooded with so much additional information can sometimes lead to behaviors that seem odd to other people, even inappropriate.  In reality, those behaviors are completely appropriate given the experience that the sensitive person is having – which may not be the same experience everyone else is having.  In other words, he is literally experiencing reality in a new way.

The Gifted Empath

From here forth, I will refer to Sensory Processing Disorder as Sensory Processing DIFFERENCE because in my view, it’s not a disorder.  It’s a manifestation of human evolution.  Empaths, Sensitives and those with Sensory Processing Differences may well have abilities that regular people often marvel at, including the ability to sense subtle sound, light, and energy vibration, emotional subtlety and even mystical phenomena.  In recent years, we’ve seen a rapid increase in the numbers of children born with SPD.  In my opinion, this is a sign that the human race is progressing toward a superior state.  The ability to take in much larger amounts of sensory data is an evolutionary leap for our species. Continue reading

Here’s What You Do When You Feel Like You Can’t “Find Yourself”

I understand the feeling, not being able to find yourself. It does make total sense, and also… It doesn’t, if you really think about it.

There are a lot of canned phrases out there that mean something other than they say.

For example, find yourself”. Where did you go? Are you somewhere other than where you are?

Where are you?

Higher-Self-and-the-LightbodyWhat’s usually happening when someone feels that way is that they are doing something that they have no idea how it benefits them…. It doesn’t feel like it does, and either you can’t see the pathway to it actually benefiting you, or it actually doesn’t.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, especially when you are ‘subject’ to someone else’s control… Like a job, or even sometimes a young person living with parents, room mates, or the like.

When you become ‘dependent’ on something, as opposed to ‘interdependent with something’, it has a tendency to control as a means of extracting the equality that the universe requires.

Interdependence requires proactive able response from both sides of the equation, like two brain surgeons working together: Both are able. But the person under the knife is dependent on the surgeon, even if he is a brain surgeon, because his response is not able (i.e it’s hard to operate on your own brain)

dependenceNot to confuse dependent with anything wrong so to say… in a dependent environment, there are things asked of you in participation of your support, like a parent insisting a child take piano lessons. The expansion is super important and supportive, even if a child can’t yet see the value in it.

The determining factor then, in a dependent enviornment, is not you though, it is the quality of the intention of the one(s) you are dependent on…

Choice at that point becomes creating the transferring of dependence or creating interdependence. Incidentally, there is no such thing as independence, and that is most often what people mean when they say “struggling to find myself”.

What is ‘the self‘? Understand that you are made up of the same fundamental geometries that weave the very fabric of consciousness itself. There is nothing separate from you; only different expressions of the same energy.

With love,

Ray Kamille

10 Choices You’ll Regret in 10 Years – & How To Recognize Them Now

When you’re present, aware and actively creating; there’s nothing really to regret. You see that the mistakes you’ve made are lessons to learn that helped create who you are today. It’s never too late to start living from the heart, for that is a place where regret simply does not exist!

1. Pretending to be something you’re not.

What does it mean to truly be yourself? It’s speaking from the heart and having the awareness that lets you know when to engage and when to listen. If you’ve ever held back something you wanted to say because you’re scared the reaction; you’re still not being your self fully.

Think about the energy you let off in your interactions and see how it’s effecting your peers. The point is to allow your expressions to flow while still having the awareness of knowing what to say and how to say it.

2. Letting others choose your life for you.

This is a big one we all need to understand, especially if you’re a parent! We are our own teachers, guiders and mentors. This can look like a lot of different scenarios from your friend who is a bit too pushy to parents who make you go to university. Communication is key, expressing what you want in the moment is so important to make sure everyone understands where you are coming from. Continue reading

10 Discoveries That Will Make You Question Everything

What are the true origins of humanity?

There are so many ancient artifacts from the past that still perplex us today. How did ancient civilizations create such intricate and advanced technologies? There are so many mysteries surrounding humanities past that we are finally becoming aware of. There seems to be a lot more going on than meets the eye…

Here is a list of some of the most amazing discovery’s to date!

1: The London Artifact- londan hammerThis artifact is speculated to be so extremely old that part of the wooden handle has turned to coal. Coal is known to take millions of years to form, so then how is this possible? How old could this strange artifact actually be?



magna bowl

 2: The Fuente Magna Bowl- This is one of the most controversial artifacts in South America. It is a large stone bowl, similar to a container for making libations, baptisms or for purification ceremonies. Found by a villager near Lake Titicaca, the engraved writing lining the bowl is thought to be Sumerian!


Continue reading

How to Live Your Life From A 5D Mind

-Independence: What in nature is totally independent from the rest? We, I mean, we all, need oxygen from somewhere, don’t we? New age circus types love to preach about filling our own cup from the inside… Cool. Try breathing your own air from the inside and tell me that’s enough…

Doesn’t work.

It’s contrary to the laws of nature. You see? Let yourself be open to the nourishment of everything around you, and be filled in service to it.

-Dependence: a state of potential growth, subject to authority due to the absence of the ability to create it. A baby, the house pets, domestic plants. All of these require something from their caretakers. Those instances which illicit genuine dependence are meant to dissolve over time and become a new form of relating, and the effort and energy is rerouted in the relationship…

The dog, realizing it’s “role” is the submissive one, employs cuteness tactics to calm or enliven the owner, creating a mutually beneficial symbiotic partnership, bringing us to the final form…

-Interdependence: a reciprocal relation between interdependent entities (objects or individuals or groups). It is the application of the inherent authority,  combined with the recognition of the same inherent authority reflected in the world around us.

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Sure, It’s Easier To Run

i-am-02I just watched a documentary last night called I AM. This groundbreaking work follows director Tom Shadyac around the globe as he sits down with renown poets, business executives, psychologists, and biologists to ask two questions:

18iam-span-articleLargeWhat is wrong with the world?
What can we do to fix it?

The root to which it all boils down to is encompassed in a response given by English writer, G.K. Chesterton, to the initial question, posed to him by the London Times.
Q: What is wrong with the world?
A: I am.

Science today, as explored in this film, is rounding up more and more applicable and indisputable evidence to suggest that the totality of existence is in fact an energetic projection of The Individual Observer, that each of you reading this Now, whether aware of it or not, are in fact 100% responsible for the entirety of your every experience. Some have expressed this to be a daunting concept to accept, though I personally find this to be a most empowering paradigm. That we have the power to create worlds. That with personal mastery of our emotional and mental states, so too comes mastery of creating whatever reality we desire.

Running-awayOften times, we encounter struggles or set backs in life, and it’s as if it’s almost become natural for us to point the finger to a person or situation or group of persons for having caused the problem. Many times we have even chosen to walk away from a particular job or project, dissolve a personal relationship, or any other number of “move-away” tactics, as if separating ourself from “the thing” is going to solve the issue. The reality is, as the mystics have echoed through the ages, that the issue is within us, not “out there” and we have actual, measurable, repeatable evidence of this concept today! How exciting!

Thanks to institutions like Heart Math and Biocybernaut Institute, just to name a couple, Western culture is beginning to wake up to The Reality of what is true about ourselves and how we work, our natural design to exist in harmony with all that surrounds us, and step into authority of our lives by accepting fully the responsibility of our every experience.

change-your-thoughts-and-you-change-your-world18Instead of running from our problems, we now begin to see that there is no problem. There is only a manifestation of some personality trait that we desire other than to exhibit, and so we now become grateful for the encounter with these parts of ourselves, that they have been brought to our attention as an opportunity for personal growth through identifying those parts of our personality and shifting to what we truly desire to be.