Meet the Core Team

This is old and needs to be updated, but I don’t have the time right now… Jordan and Lexie both left Spirit Kingdom LLC over a year ago. A new day is coming! <3

Allow us to introduce to you the team at the heart of Spirit Science. You see, Spirit Science is an organism, and just like a cell it has a nucleus, a mitochondria, a cell membrane, a vacuole and even a ribosome. Each of the parts working together in harmony to create the whole, which expands far beyond its own membrane wall to reach and connect with millions of people all over the world (thats you!). 

Spirit Science has and will always be entirely self-sustained, free of investors and corporate interests. In fact, Spirit Science isn’t even a business at all. It exists as a video series and website you see before you (and hopefully one day… some laboratories!!), and we are working very hard to keep it that way forever.

Jordan & Ray ~  The Artist & The Engineer


Whilst Jordan started Spirit Science in 2011, he and Ray met in 2012 and they started creating together at the tail end of that year. Together, they have built much of the infrastructure that is at the core of Spirit Science.

Most people who follow Spirit Science know Jordan for his Youtube videos, voicing Patchman and drawing the Spirit Science cartoons… but not many know about Ray.

patchreRaymond is a networking genius by trade, a brilliant creator of connections.  He grew up working for major computer companies, designing and orchestrating the construction of their large data centers.

His expertise, resilience and passion brought forth many different jobs and opportunities that generated many substantial rewards. Eventually, he found himself with plenty of money and not a single person who he actually connected with on a real, human level. He found people only interested in using him for the resources he had, not who he was.

That is until he met Jordan, and  that honest and genuine connection and friendship sparked the inspiration to create once more, and together they started a project called the Spirit Kingdom.

Raymond is one of the sole reasons that Spirit Science exists and functions in the way that it does today. He has put a tremendous amount of effort into keeping this site up and running, making sure that everyone stays focused on the big picture, keeps our spirits high and so much more.

Our Story

spiritkingdom1From December 21st, 2012 to Mid 2014, we worked diligently towards our goal, establishing a core infrastructure based around compassion, respect, and honesty that could result in millions of people coming together to make a difference all over the world. It’s an incredibly big vision, and to describe the details here would be a little bit much, but we will say it’s like trying to invent a global, interactive MMORPG in real life.

We had a lot of trouble with it, because we envisioned it happening without needing “employees”, instead we envisioned family members – where everyone could come together to create, and share in the resources that we all created together.

spiritkingdom2This proved difficult, as over and over we were met with resistance to the idea. People seemed more interested in paychecks than they were in being a family.

The strain built up, despite having some help online from some wonderful individuals, the workload kept getting bigger, without seeing the forward motion that we wanted. There was more messes to clean up than there was success and relief; it was clear we needed help. We wanted family, connection… and then we met Lexie.

Lexie & Rebecca ~ Support Like No Other

patchlexDespite her youth, Lexie had that look in her eyes of wanting the same thing we did. Growth, awareness, family, to evolve the consciousness of the planet and not giving a damn if she got paid for it.

Lexie quickly merged with us and took a large load off of us. She learned how to manage the Facebook pages, and started to capture our story on video.

She’s learning how to be a stable support for our family. In many ways, she has sort of become an apprentice to Rebecca, who has always been there since the very beginning as a support for Ray; because she’s his mom!

patchmomSince the beginning of his life, Rebecca has always supported Raymond in all of his endeavors, even through all the crazy up’s and down’s life threw at them.

They travelled to Renaissance fairs together, cooked for thousands of people and made amazing clothes for everyone along their adventure.

An incredibly industrious gal, Rebecca is always there when help is needed, and is always the first to jump to help in any project that we work on. She has become an invaluable member of the team.

She also loves cats and is helping to lead our cat project called the Daily Kitty, you can check it out on Facebook here! 

 Growth & Opportunities

As we continue to move forward and grow, one of the decisions that we’ve made is that while we are a fraternity, and we will be a fraternity, we are planning on creating several methods to get involved on a much larger scale… We have some big dreams, and we’re going to need every able bodied person to come aboard the ship and help, whether its advanced stuff like building hydrogen engines and designing spirit centers, all the way to growing gardens and supporting people in community environments.

Julio---SpiritCenterVortexFor a long time, we rebelled against the idea of actually starting an official corporation and hiring employees. We always saw ourselves doing it more family style, as we described above. And while we have met some folks who actually have been able to be a family with us, we want to include everybody in this, and at this time it doesn’t appear as though a civil structure exists that allows massive people to participate and work together without tremendous paperwork, IRS tax garbage and stuff like that… So we’re going to have to build it ourselves.

So far what we’ve come up with is a trinity-combination between the Fraternity (The Council of Light), a Non-Profit Corporation (Spirit Kingdom) and a For-Profit Corporation (Guidepost of Light), all of our own design and owned by the Council of Light (The Fraternity). We may have to hire some employees after all, but I can personally assure you that if we do have to have some offices, they will be the most magnificent places to work on the planet, until such time when all places on the planet are just as beautiful, because that is essentially our goal.

Stay tuned! One love everyone! Thank you for reading.

With love,
All of us at Spirit Science

239 thoughts on “Meet the Core Team”

  1. Thank you for the work that you do, you inspire the rest of us. If you would like any help translating any of the information to Spanish, I would love to help. Latin America and Spain are in dire need of messages and information such as the one you share.

  2. I would love to have part in any interior design or architectural work you guys need in the future. I am currently a senior at my college and my entire interior design thesis is on spiritual centers and how to nourish the soul through physical space.

  3. i would LOVE to do anything i can to help the spirit science team! I don’t care about money either! I would love to just be apart of something great like this. Anyway that I can get involved let me know! I have realized that money does nothing for the soul, and ultimately, the soul is what needs to be happy. I want to learn and grow and would seriously LOVE to help out.

  4. Hi my name is John I just wanted to say thank you for all the videos and sharing your knowledge and understanding with us alot of the stuff I saw i was extremely fascinated with and already kinda knew or felt on a personal level but never understood why although all the math is completely lost on me but the other stuff the connection especially was just intuitive its almost like i was born with it although unfortunately it has caused alot of friction in my life i have been targeted and picked on beat up spit on literally and tormented still am i have had a vary difficult life im also a high functioning autistic which on ita own causes alot of difficulty and even through all that i have never changed im
    still very easy going and extremely peaceful i have a deep connection with nature and people i have a way of feeling what others are which is extremely overwhelming at times i guess what I’m trying to say is that i have been goin through a extremely difficult time lately and felt as though i was loosing the person i am then i happened to stumble across on of your videos and watched them all in a matter of a couple days and they have helped me alot but don’t get me wrong things are still extremely difficult and i still find myself getting down and depressed alot but i like to think im better able to handle it now so thank you so much and not just for me but thank you on behalf of everyone who has gotten something meaningful from your videos and never said anything

  5. Hi Jordon and team at spirit science.

    I agree with every thing your team have developed. Knowingness of all things.
    I am based in New Zealand and been working on the math principles of the Universe. I know how the universe works mathematically and I would like to invite you all onto my team.
    Yes you are correct, it will change the world. The universe functions beyond all human reasoning and conditions. The maths are not as we know it. Febonacci maths is the key to all knowingness and is precise.
    Please email me so we can communicate more. Love you all and appreciate everything. Oh…there are genius children who exist already in this dimension getting ready to emerge waiting for all we and you team know. email me please

  6. I’m so happy reading your post everyday, it was so meaningfull and informative. I’m too much relate with your everyday blogs.I’m looking forwand to read lots of your articles.5 thumb up :) -your avid fan

  7. The understanding of the profound connections between the energy manifestations of the world is a truly amazing and powerful concept. I wholeheartedly salute the makers of these videos as one group of sparks of many scattered throughout the world who are facilitating the miraculous and beautiful changes and creating the passionate fires of life in their wake. The world is indeed awakening, and you are all gifts to the world which has descended into darkness for far too long. Keep up the fantastic work and continue to kindle the blazing joy of connectedness this frigid world depends upon.

  8. This is one DOODLING i have done based on the concept of higher conciseness
    Please have a look at it
    Thank u

  9. It would be a dream to work with you guys. I first started watching the Spirit Science videos when there were less than ten of them on New Grounds. I fell off of them eventually, as I was off the internet for a few years.
    I’m actually lucky a random buddy of mine posted a link to this.
    I will do my best to keep updated.
    Maybe I’ll strike out and be able to provide you with some help.

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  12. Can you please send me the crystal pocket guide? I can’t find it anywhere on your page.

    I just got finished watching Spirit Science 13-The crystal movie.

    I’m also new to crystaling and the pocket reference guide would be so helpful.


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