Spirit Quest 28 – Sedona

Although it may seem like we didn’t do too much in Sedona, the truth is that we just didn’t take much video :D We went rock climbing and met some really cool people! Funny story, we had met a friend up on the mountains who had emailed us earlier that morning about meeting up in Sedona! Isn’t that rad!? We only stayed for 1 day, and then went off on our Journey, passing through vegas and up to Salt Lake City!

There is SOOO much energy in sedona, everyone is wonderful! I do recommend checking it out!


Check out our previous adventure here! The Tucson Gem Show! 


  1. Hard to say. Problems are usually created by others.. And we have to deal with them.

    Awesome Adventure looking forward to seeing you guys.


  2. Ever visit Seattle or the surrounding regions. Have you heard of the power of the island in the Puget Sound.