Patch Parables 6 – The Parable of the 2 Monks

This weeks parable is a DOUBLE FEATURE!! 2 Parables for the price of one! Which is free, so it doesn’t matter!

The first parable is the parable of the 2 monks, a story about holding on and letting go of emotions and thoughts that no longer serve you. The second parable is about a cracked pot who’s self worth was very low, even though there was no reason to be at all. Enjoy!

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Thank you so much for everyone who provided their time, energy and Love into helping create this project!

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  1. OMG – beautiful rendition of a profound parable (the monk who – gasp! – carries the woman). Thank you! I’ve added it to a marketing course curriculum on emarketing wisdom – letting go of greed, need, and so on – it’s not easy – even this comment is self-serving – gotta love our imperfections! Thank you!

  2. The First parable really rang a bell close to home. I’ve started breathing and just letting it go months ago. This has REALLY helped me out so much.

  3. I got the first one but dang what is the second one? The woman learned that she should only fill the pot half way and make her journey easier? *smile*