Principle 4 ~ The Inspiration to Transcend

The Fourth and Final Principle in transcending Panic and Anxiety into Freedom is the Inspiration to Transcend. This is also one of – if not – the most important principle of them all.

With the many beautiful people we have worked with over the years, we always find that inspiration is the fundamental ‘thing’ that makes THE difference.

The difference between those who find a life of freedom, and those that keep searching. The difference between the people who transcend and the people who don’t.

Now, it’s not just the inspiration, it’s the ability, the willingness, and the tenacity to SEE – The Inspiration in what’s around us.

And we want to Thank you ~ You are Our Principle 4 ~ Our Inspiration to Transcend

Namaste, all the love
Jordan, Ray & Brian

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  1. This Is years of expiriance and research. This the essayist to digest information thanks to you guys. You guys are awesome . Peace out I’m out

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