Healing Disease: Seeing Ailments As A “Dis-Ease” of Energy


Everything in this universe is fundamentally made up of energetic vibrations. These waves of patterns constantly shift and interact with each other, which manifests physically in different ways. If you are sick, it means that somewhere in your body the interaction between energetic patterns is out of balance.

That frequency does not resonate with the rest of your body. The result is a disruption; it is literally a dis-ease in your body. 

Compare your body to a piano. If all the strings (frequencies) in the piano (the body) are well tuned, a well practiced pianist can produce the most beautiful harmonious sound of music. When we alter this piano by loosening or tightening some of the strings and ask the same pianist to play the same music, you won’t get a harmonious symphony.

The same is true for the human body. There may be a single or multiple ‘strings’ (frequencies) that need to be shifted.

Toward Digital EncryptionRoyal Rife (1888 – 1971) was like a ‘piano tuner’ for the human body. In 1920 Rife built his first virus microscope. By the year 1933 he had developed a universal microscope which was so extremely complex, it had over 6000 parts to it. With this development he was able to enlarge viruses up to 60,000 times. This gave him the opportunity to study and monitor them.

Modern electron microscopes can kill the viruses when they are put under a lens to be studied, but Rife’s Universal Microscope kept them alive. This way Rife could precisely follow the behavior of the viruses and detect which ones would develop into tumors for example.

By studying the viruses closely, he was able to match specific frequencies to each one of them.

But Rife did not stop there, he developed Radionics technology which made it possible for him to cure, back than, at least 15 kinds of different cancers and over 400 viral, bacterial or fungal diseases.
The way he cured these diseases was purely by projecting one or more frequencies onto the virus.human-energy-field1

Take for instance a simple aspirin. In some ways it works exactly the same. The aspirin contains the frequency which goes against the frequency of the pain.

As a result we do not feel the pain anymore.
This can be all observed “scientifically” the understanding that our heart and brain both have electrical pulses. It is no secret that our brain is firing organic electricity, which all comes back to fundamentally being an energetic frequency.

Sadly enough, Rife was ridiculed and proclaimed to be mad because of his methods that actually cured people. In the conventional world of medicine, this has become quite normal.

Doctors that were working with his system were threatened and boycotted and as result, this whole method and understanding has been forgotten.



Feature Picture: Alex Grey 

Sources: www.robertboerman.nl