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  1. How in the world do I get in contact with these people? (Who are amazing I might add). Their contact email doesn’t work and there’s no phone number or contact form. Anyone have any idea? I have some amazing news to share with them. My email is . Thank you.

  2. Hello,
    On Spirit Quest 39– The Cat Returns, there was a song playing before the Jason Silva snippet. Would anybody know what that song may have been? Thanks. (This video is from 2012, I believe.)

  3. I’m an Indigo Child and this is my message to the world. I hope it’s okay that I post it here, if not feel free to take it down. I’m just trying to find others who can help me spread this message to save our world.

    I’m tired of seeing corruption and hate, all people want to do is discriminate and make people irate. Suicide rates sky rocket, People want to die, who is truly happy? Can it be you? I know it’s not I. Then again I’m not blinded to the lies, I’m not blinded to the pain I’m only blinded to the hate and it’s something I refuse to gain. I won’t let others control me, not through fame, not through fortune, not through money. I refuse to be just another clone, living in this world all alone. I refuse to let greed and hate determine who I am because I know I”m great. You can be too, if you listen to me and help us see it through.

    You ask, who is us? Well, I’m anonymous. I’m an idea, a thought. I’m a girl, not a robot. I have a mind and I”m willing to sing it even if you react with a sting. I will rise and I will fight because we all have this thing called life. It’s precious and fragile we don’t have much time because eventually we’re all gunna die. What are we leaving behind? Nothing but Crime? Nothing but hate? Nothing more than a racist who can discriminate?

    You’re stupid if you think you’re superior, because you’re not. Not him, not me or her. Open your eyes to the truth not the lies. Stop hiding behind your phone it’s making you a sheep clone. Stop just sitting there not doing shit, what do you want to do? Just quit? Just give up on everything you know? Because the government told you, because it’s on a tv show? Because you’re gullible?

    We’re on the break of war, if we don’t change we’re going to destroy our world. This isn’t a performance to be liked or to scare, this is a message to be heard and declared. If we don’t do something soon, everything you know will be cold like the moon. They say shoot for the stars, well I’m shooting pretty freegin far. I’m a soul reaching out, trying to get you off your couch. Trying to inspire you too, to be better not only for you. For this world, for the people.. for our future.. for our children..too I beg my friend please help me keep this world from coming to an end.

    I’m a very bright soul, my voice sings and cannot dull. I cannot be silenced, not now I have to help some how. I’m tired of seeing this pain, I’m tired of seeing destruction it seems to be the only thing humans gain. I’m tired of seeing you destroy each other, I’m tired of seeing you all lose your mind, I’m tired of the fact we live our lives based off time. Off money, of wealth.. off corruption.. love cannot be felt. IF we continue this we will destroy our world. I refuse to let it die, so will you rise with I? Will you rise and stand next to me, to fight for something better.. to fight to be free. We’re destroying our world with lies and it will be our downfall.

    How many people have to die, how many people have to cry? Why can’t we change, why can’t we thrive? Why can’t you take my words to heart and use them in your life to be apart. Apart of you, just like me.. I love you can’t you see? I’m speaking to everybody individually. IF you question me? Yes, I’m looking at you.. I notice you.. my eyes are open and I can see. I see all the pain and silently inside it’s destroying my brain. It effects me just like you and those homeless kids too. What is it going to take to make you participate? What do I have to say in order for you to stand beside me this day? From now on, until the world is fixed… I will keep fighting because I’m so tired of this shit.

    Money is the problem, you know it’s true.. without it.. the world doesn’t see you. That’s sad, that’s not how it should be.. you should love each other, open your eyes and see. Be kind to each other, look passed their skin and anything about them that you see as a sin. We are not human, we are souls stuck in men and women. Forced to live in a body we can’t even understand only control. Rise with me, shine with me.. show your soul to me. Be weak with me, grow in strength with me. As an Indigo Child I reach out to the world, I reach out to every heart, every boy.. every girl. Make a move, make a rise.. do it now before it’s too late and we die. You may think this is absurd but it took a lot for me to reach out to be heard. You can’t pretend anymore, especially since we’re on the breach of war. I know it’s true and so do you so why keep denying it? Why keep hiding and letting others just die and quit. I don’t see humans, I just see souls and I know in my heart you have so much love to show.

    Don’t cheer because you think I’m good, cheer because I’ve inspired your mood. Because you’ve made the choice to rise with me.. to make a difference, even in simplicity. Even by just holding the door for another, even for your mother. For a stranger on the street, don’t think ill of them.. don’t look at them like meat. Respect thy brother, love one another, and most importantly cherish each other. Don’t let pain drive you insane, don’t turn to it because that’s all you know.. fight and rise above it don’t be a clone. Return hatred with love show them that you’ll always shine above. Show them that there is nothing they can do to destroy you.

    Social media is just a form of pride, people thinking they’re entitled to spread lies, to corrupt what we see, open your eyes… please.. help me. Help me reach out, help me spread the love.. help one another.. so we the people of this world.. can rise above. Above what we know, above what we’ve been shown.. above the hate.. before it’s too late.

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  5. Hey all! Hope life is going well for everyone! I’ve tried to email but it’s not working. I’m a writer/student and have a proposition for Team Spirit . I’m just an admirer of Spirit Science and want to do my part on helping out and spreading knowledge. I would love to write some stories and will post one, just to see if it’s any good or if Spirit Science is interested in it. If not, I understand. But i thought i’d give it a shot. But i will wish you much peace, serenity and love. I love all of you. I love what you do. And wish you all the best with your endeavors. Thank you for your time and love

    Quote: “And those who were seen dancing, were thought to have been insane by those who could not hear the music”-Nietzsche.

    Idea: Story is explaining the idea of optimism and non judgement. Judgement comes from fear and lack of understanding, which could be an attribute of the root chakra. If people raise their frequency and open their minds to ideas and thoughts that are different than their own, their will be more understanding and communication than judgement and hate.

    Scene: Local park in an urban area. Open fields of grass divided by concrete paths intertwining throughout the large park. One path enclosed by trees and bushes, the other a clear path towards the street and vendors.
    Plot: There’s a group of men in business suits whom walk through the park everyday to go to work. They walk along the path that is clear and leads towards the street. They always walk together and always walk past another group of people who take the opposite path enclosed by trees.

    Red Member 1: “Look at them over there. They always take the creepy path. Who would want to walk back there? “
    Red Member 2: “ I heard there’s homeless people residing back there. And I’m pretty sure someone got robbed taking that path.
    Red Member 3: “Hey! Maybe we should check it out and see for ourselves? I would love to see where the path leads to one day.
    RM1 and 2 turn to RM3 and say: “Didn’t you hear us? The path is dangerous and will probably lead to our death or close.
    Red Member 3: “Well, probably doesn’t necessarily mean it WILL happen. It’s just an option.”
    Red Member 1: “Yes, it is an option. Why would you even want to risk that? There’s a perfectly good path right here that’s clear and less ominous. It wouldn’t be wise or logical to take a path you know nothing about rather than a path you know well.
    Red Member 3: “Well, maybe you’re right.”

    The group continues on their walk and just passes the enclosed path when they see a group of people (Green) walk out of the enclosed path and into the open. They’re dressed in casual attire and are walking in the opposite direction than the red group. The green group sees the red group and waves, to be polite. The Red members stare at the green group and look away, carrying on with their business.

    Red Member 2: “Do we know them?’
    Red Member 3: “I don’t think so. They don’t look familiar but who knows? We work at a big firm. I don’t even know what all the executives looks like”

    Red Member 1: “Those type of people would never be affiliated or associated with our firm. They look like they don’t even leave the house.”
    Red Member 2: “Yea, they look like those struggling artists types or hippies. People that just waste our tax dollars on irrelevant things. Hate those types of people.”
    Red Member 3: “I thought we didn’t know them”
    Red Member 1: “We don’t. But we don’t need to know them to understand them. Just look at them. They’re not exactly hiding”
    Red Member 1 and 2 begin to laugh hysterically while Red Member 3 doesn’t laugh. He thinks instead about what they are actually doing.

    Once the group arrives at work and separate to their own cubicles, Red Member 3 ponders to himself on the actions of his friends today.
    “We don’t know them. We shouldn’t be so quick to judge and criticize. It doesn’t feel right”

    At the end of the day, the group meet up together in the lobby and walk together down the same path. Again, they see the same group of people walking, except they’re walking in the same direction as the red member group, and they merge together on one path. Both groups are silent. The Green Members patiently walk with smiles while the Red Members have expressions of condemnation and disdain. Red Member 1 and 2 glare at the Green members, trying to budge themselves in front of them in order to separate from them on the path. The Green group eventually venture off in another direction while the Red Members remain steadfast on the same path.

    Red Member1: “Hippies. Probably going to some silent retreat”
    Red Member 2 laughs.
    Red Member 3 puts his head down, because he is ashamed of his friends words and actions.

    The next day, Member 3 (now yellow) arrives at the park before his friends so he patiently waits for his friends at the intersection between the enclosed path and the path they regularly take. He sees one of the Green members sitting at a bench in the open field between the intersecting paths. Member 3 decides to walk up to the man and converse

    Member 3: “Good morning”
    Green Member: “Yes, isn’t it a lovely morning. Good morning to you too”
    Member 3: “Can I ask you a question?”
    Green Member: “Sure”
    Member 3: “I hope this doesn’t come off wrong, but why do you take that path instead of the open path.”
    Green Member: “Which path?”
    Member 3: “The enclosed path that blocks out the sun.”
    Green Member looks at the path and smiles, then turns back to Member 3.
    Green Member: “Well, I take that path for a numerous amount of reasons. But I can’t tell you.”
    Member 3: “Why not?”
    Green Member: “Well, it’s something you have to see for yourself.”
    Green member stands up and hold his hand out in front of Member 3. In the background, Member 3 hears his friends calling his name and calling him over to them.

    Red Member 1: “Hey! Are you coming? We gotta go!”
    Red Member 2: “C’mon! Don’t make us late!”

    Member 3 hesitates to take the Green Member’s hand, but his friends coercive words makes him question himself. He thinks I don’t know where this path goes. I don’t even know this man. He may be trying to rob me or worse. Member 3 pulls from the Green member and walks over to his friends, impatiently waiting for him and getting agitated by the minute.

    Red Member 1: “What were you doing over there anyway? Trying to make us late on purpose?”
    Red Member 2: “You need to watch who you associate with anyway”

    Member 3 walks with his friends towards work and forgets about the enclosed path along with the Green Member.

    A few days after on a saturday, Member 3 lays in his bed and thinks about the Green Member along with that path. He tries to dismiss his mental urges to investigate the path by thinking Curiosity kills the cat, and I will not be a gullible cat. He tries with all his might to stop thinking about the green member’s gently spirit and how he didn’t actually feel in danger or fearful of his motives until his friends came and doubt started to plague his mind. He thinks Maybe, it’s all in my head. Tiresome of dwelling on the situation, especially since this is his time to relax and rejuvenate from his busy week, he leaves his apartment and walks to park, to once and for all, feed his curiosity and not his fear. He walks to the park and stand directly at the intersection. The clear path and sunny and bright while the enclosed path looks dark and ominous, just how his friends described it first. Member 3 gulped down any fear he was feeling and walked on the enclosed path. As soon as he got under the trees, the light from the sun dimmed. He was surrounded by lazy trees, leaning up against each other and stretching over the path to the other side. Although he wanted to turn around, he continued to walk and will himself through the path. He started to look around at the trees instead on focusing on the exit and staring at the ground, trying to avoid his imagination from tricking him and scaring him. He notices how beautiful this path was, all enclosed with bushes filled with beautiful flowers, trees covered with beautiful leaves, dancing in the wind and shimmering off the spots of sunlight that made its way through. He saw and opening in the middle of the path which held a bench and was encompassed with beautiful flowers of all colors. He sat at the bench and soaked in the beauty of the flowers, along with indulging himself in the aroma those beautiful flowers were sharing with him. He sat for while and felt such peace, being surrounded by all this beauty, he almost didn’t want to leave. He felt so ashamed he let his doubt and the doubt of his friends stop him from experiencing this beauty earlier. He heard footsteps walk in the direction of where he is. All of a sudden, he saw the green member he had a conversation with earlier within the week. The Green member looked at Member 3 and smiled. Member 3 smiled back.
    Member 3: “Now, I understand why you take this path”
    Green Member chuckled and sat right next to Member 3.
    Green Member: “Yes, I walk this path because it hold so much beauty it could cheer up or brighten any day. I walk this path on my way to work and hold on to every inch of beauty I see before my eyes are met with the enclosure of my office and my staff
    Member 3: “Where do you work?”
    Green Member: “Well, I’m an executive at Johnson & Frazier, head of the accounting department”
    Member 3’s eyes widen and stares at the Green Member with embarrassment, because he’s his boss.
    Member 3: “I work there. I must be your employee then”
    Green Member: “Yes I know. Our firm is so large it’s hard to keep track of all the employees but I’ve seen your face before. Guess this hippie still have some brain cells left, right?”
    Member 3 turns pale, mortified by the words his friends said to him and the other presumed executives.
    Green members looks at his face in astonishment and bursts into laughter. He laughs so much and with such a compelling sound, Member 3 joins in on the laughter and they laugh and reminisce on their newfound bond.
    Small world

  6. Please cease your spread of misinformation for it is causing harm. You pray on the feeble-minded due to their lack of capability for fact checking and an already basic understanding of the sciences and history. You blatantly lie and people believe it and you make money off of it. That’s disgusting. At least pretend to be the level of humble you preach for others to be.

  7. hey everyone! iv’e also tried to contact them but somethings wrong with the email adress and im sure there is a good reason for it. For those on the team who read this we need to talk. and for the rest of you i just wanted to let you know that i might not be part of there team yet but im panning to be and while they fix there email issues, if you have any questions about your spiritual quest feel free to contact me and i’ll help you the best i can! I am awake and aware that we all needs to helps eachothers. sorry for my bad english it is because im french but im doing my best ^^

    My name is Emanuel but feel free to call me brother

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  9. Hi SS,
    Watching plenty of the addictive englighing videos has been an amazing experience for the past few years. A lot of points to discuss and but I have a question about earth rotation. Mentioned in one of the videos that the earth rotates and new centres of spirituality rise, last was Tibet. I would like to know the current location.
    All the best

  10. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your massively insightful and educational videos you post on Youtube. I recently stumbled on your channel and have learned so much! It’s just SOOOOOO much, and stuff we didn’t learn as kids ourselves…it’s difficult to process at times but I watch and rewatch and I want to get it and practice it and live by it so my 5 year old daughter and her generation will be naturally familiar with this way of thinking/being. I didn’t even KNOW a thing like indigo/crystal children existed until I watched your male/female energy video, and boy, is my daughter an indigo child 100%. She’s been diagnosed with ODD and on the Asberger’s spectrum — no drugs thankfully I wouldn’t do that but this totally explains it. Thank you for helping me expand my mind and my soul during my own spiritual awakening, which is like almost 10 years in the making now — I derail sometimes but I always come back around

  11. I have read many of your articles and really like your site, however I thought I’d let you know
    there is something disturbing happening when I come to the end of each article.
    It really looks like spam but is some really low standard reading that doesn’t fit the ethos of your spiritual page.

    I understand you need advertising to survive, but after reading one of your great articles the feeling of enlightenment quickly diminishes after seeing these pictures with headlines designed to try and make one feel bad, want to make one feel there is something wrong with ones body, or provoke one. (not spiritual at all.) Also the email provided to contact you are not in use.

    Otherwise I think you do do everything else right

    Best regards from Anna

  12. i heard there is a slower spoken version of your lovely videos. I cannot follow the speed of your speakers. How can i find it?
    Thank you!

  13. Hello, I enjoy Spirit Science and what it has done and frequent the site to help share my wisdom with others as well as to seek more info for my growth. I frequent the chat since the forums dont really exist anymore. I just wanted to complain about one of your moderators solarflare. They have the wrong impression of me and insulted me by calling me an elitist and being condescending when i asked a question. I called them an asshole in my defense and got banned from the chat. If you guys arent taking care of your organization why let people give you a bad image? Oh well. Wish you guys good luck and my apologies for my comment towards solar flare. :)

  14. I have a few theories about some things and I need to talk to someone about them. I formed these while watching spirit science. This is really the only thing that resonates with me, and these feel huge!

    Sending love,



    – KAWAII

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