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  1. Thank you for all your hard work and energy used to benefit yourself and others around you. I feel truly blessed to have discovered you and the spirit science network through my spiritual partner. I appreciate your desire to spread such love and light.

  2. Hey spirit science! I’m 15 years old and because of you guys, I’m consciously starting my spiritual journey. (: unfortunately I feel caught in a loop and I feel like your vibrational shirts will help tramendiously. Can you help me on where to buy them seems like I can’t find them);

  3. Hey Jordan and friends aka the spirit science team! I think what you guys are doing is wonderful and it’s people like you that are making the world a more peaceful and loving place to be. All of you inspire me so much. I have seen all of your videos on YouTube! Literally all of them! Since I’ve been inspired so much and you’ve helped me change my life and help me become more knowledgeable with the help of your spirit science videos and you help me get on this path to spiritual enlightenment. I want to return the favor. I want to help you. I would like to be a part of you spirit community and help with the spirit centers and I would love love love love to be able to help you and buy ALL of your chakra shirts. I just don’t know where to go to buy them on line. I love the shirts so much and I love how you created them!!! Please contact me when you can. You can contact me straight to my email I don’t mind if you dont. I’m just as friendly as you are. Thank you guys again for everything and contact me when possible please. I look forward to speaking with you! :D

    Love James

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