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This is old and needs to be updated, but I don’t have the time right now… Jordan and Lexie both left Spirit Kingdom LLC over a year ago. A new day is coming! <3

Allow us to introduce to you the team at the heart of Spirit Science. You see, Spirit Science is an organism, and just like a cell it has a nucleus, a mitochondria, a cell membrane, a vacuole and even a ribosome. Each of the parts working together in harmony to create the whole, which expands far beyond its own membrane wall to reach and connect with millions of people all over the world (thats you!). 

Spirit Science has and will always be entirely self-sustained, free of investors and corporate interests. In fact, Spirit Science isn’t even a business at all. It exists as a video series and website you see before you (and hopefully one day… some laboratories!!), and we are working very hard to keep it that way forever.

Jordan & Ray ~  The Artist & The Engineer


Whilst Jordan started Spirit Science in 2011, he and Ray met in 2012 and they started creating together at the tail end of that year. Together, they have built much of the infrastructure that is at the core of Spirit Science.

Most people who follow Spirit Science know Jordan for his Youtube videos, voicing Patchman and drawing the Spirit Science cartoons… but not many know about Ray.

patchreRaymond is a networking genius by trade, a brilliant creator of connections.  He grew up working for major computer companies, designing and orchestrating the construction of their large data centers.

His expertise, resilience and passion brought forth many different jobs and opportunities that generated many substantial rewards. Eventually, he found himself with plenty of money and not a single person who he actually connected with on a real, human level. He found people only interested in using him for the resources he had, not who he was.

That is until he met Jordan, and  that honest and genuine connection and friendship sparked the inspiration to create once more, and together they started a project called the Spirit Kingdom.

Raymond is one of the sole reasons that Spirit Science exists and functions in the way that it does today. He has put a tremendous amount of effort into keeping this site up and running, making sure that everyone stays focused on the big picture, keeps our spirits high and so much more.

Our Story

spiritkingdom1From December 21st, 2012 to Mid 2014, we worked diligently towards our goal, establishing a core infrastructure based around compassion, respect, and honesty that could result in millions of people coming together to make a difference all over the world. It’s an incredibly big vision, and to describe the details here would be a little bit much, but we will say it’s like trying to invent a global, interactive MMORPG in real life.

We had a lot of trouble with it, because we envisioned it happening without needing “employees”, instead we envisioned family members – where everyone could come together to create, and share in the resources that we all created together.

spiritkingdom2This proved difficult, as over and over we were met with resistance to the idea. People seemed more interested in paychecks than they were in being a family.

The strain built up, despite having some help online from some wonderful individuals, the workload kept getting bigger, without seeing the forward motion that we wanted. There was more messes to clean up than there was success and relief; it was clear we needed help. We wanted family, connection… and then we met Lexie.

Lexie & Rebecca ~ Support Like No Other

patchlexDespite her youth, Lexie had that look in her eyes of wanting the same thing we did. Growth, awareness, family, to evolve the consciousness of the planet and not giving a damn if she got paid for it.

Lexie quickly merged with us and took a large load off of us. She learned how to manage the Facebook pages, and started to capture our story on video.

She’s learning how to be a stable support for our family. In many ways, she has sort of become an apprentice to Rebecca, who has always been there since the very beginning as a support for Ray; because she’s his mom!

patchmomSince the beginning of his life, Rebecca has always supported Raymond in all of his endeavors, even through all the crazy up’s and down’s life threw at them.

They travelled to Renaissance fairs together, cooked for thousands of people and made amazing clothes for everyone along their adventure.

An incredibly industrious gal, Rebecca is always there when help is needed, and is always the first to jump to help in any project that we work on. She has become an invaluable member of the team.

She also loves cats and is helping to lead our cat project called the Daily Kitty, you can check it out on Facebook here! 

 Growth & Opportunities

As we continue to move forward and grow, one of the decisions that we’ve made is that while we are a fraternity, and we will be a fraternity, we are planning on creating several methods to get involved on a much larger scale… We have some big dreams, and we’re going to need every able bodied person to come aboard the ship and help, whether its advanced stuff like building hydrogen engines and designing spirit centers, all the way to growing gardens and supporting people in community environments.

Julio---SpiritCenterVortexFor a long time, we rebelled against the idea of actually starting an official corporation and hiring employees. We always saw ourselves doing it more family style, as we described above. And while we have met some folks who actually have been able to be a family with us, we want to include everybody in this, and at this time it doesn’t appear as though a civil structure exists that allows massive people to participate and work together without tremendous paperwork, IRS tax garbage and stuff like that… So we’re going to have to build it ourselves.

So far what we’ve come up with is a trinity-combination between the Fraternity (The Council of Light), a Non-Profit Corporation (Spirit Kingdom) and a For-Profit Corporation (Guidepost of Light), all of our own design and owned by the Council of Light (The Fraternity). We may have to hire some employees after all, but I can personally assure you that if we do have to have some offices, they will be the most magnificent places to work on the planet, until such time when all places on the planet are just as beautiful, because that is essentially our goal.

Stay tuned! One love everyone! Thank you for reading.

With love,
All of us at Spirit Science

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  1. I’ve be following spirit science for awhile now and I love the amazing thing you have open my mined to. So I’m say thank you and I hope to learn more and apply some of the lesson I’ve learned from spirit science to my life thank you so much

  2. I’ve be following spirit science for awhile now and I love the amazing thing you have open my mined to. So I’m say thank you and I hope to learn more and apply some of the lesson I’ve learned from spirit science to my life thank you so much

  3. I am speechless… this place is truly remarkable… feels like home…I am definetly on board with all of this! Truly amazing stuff! And mind blowing… WOW!!

  4. Hi,
    I’m presently still in France, moving back to Australia, speak fluent French, would be able to help translate to French if needed. Born in 1959, I awoke only recently, so looking for all the information I can get. I really don’t approve of all what I’ve seen published on the web, but this is really good. Thank you to the team, very helpful, Awesome. In time, would appreciate being able to contribute.

  5. Hi, I love your website, it’s nice too find this kind of information. However it’s a shame that not everyone could access to this. I know that there are so many people interested in this kind of information but they don’t speak English. I’m from Colombia, my native language is spanish and I’m a language teacher and I think that I could help you. Just let me know, it will be a pleasure for me. Thanks.

    1. Hi Amanda. If you’re willing to donate some time translating, I’d be happy to have you use my content and I’ll host the Spanish versions on my website in a dedicated Spanish blog. My PR is also one of my contributions to the lightworker mission and I am a regular writer for spirit science and others. I aim to include usable tools with each article and if you can translate it we can reach more people. You’re welcome to contact me directly – I’m pretty easy to find on spirit science and online. I also have free tools that I’d be willing to host in Spanish if you can help with translation. I host a lot of free stuff to help people who need it. If I can spread that reach I’ll gladly put in the time. Sadly Spanish is a complete unknown to me and my second language of Afrikaans is very limited to the African continent lol :) love & light xo

  6. hello, first of all, you guys are reeeally good…. and I would like to introduce myself, and see If I could collaborate with you….. My homes are Madrid (Spain), Ireland and London. :-)

    this is big….

  7. I have always felt that i dont belong in this timeline, or universe for that matter. But after diligently watching your video series as well as practicing the suggestions given by Jordan and co. i feel its more like my higher self is trying to claw out of its brainwashed cell. i know im meant to change the world somehow but have found it difficult with little to no resources in a society that is so male energy oriented that it has created a negative loop for me. But now i feel a little more enlightened than i was a few months ago and i cant wait to see what my fate has in store for me on a spiritual and physical level. I hope to learn more and reach a state where i can be of more help to the world, as well as this community of amazing people. Thank you Spirit Science.

  8. Hey. I am from Sweden. And it is all coming together now when I’ve found your webpage/facebook. Everything you inform/teach applies to exactly what I feel and know. I got shiver and goosebumps over my body. I go to a personal coach and explore the inner me – my conscioussness – and a couple months ago I realized it was a part of my spirit and the spiritual world. Like, I have all the answers inside me – my consciousness is developing my emotional intelligence , and I come to answers. ANSWERS that I then read on your page. So, how can it not be true then ? It is not that I discovered spirit science and became aware of my spirit – it is the other way around. And everything is true, everything connects to my beliefs and the “meaning” of life. I also been very into geometric symbols / mandalas without knowing why, but know I know. And there is so, so much more in my life, “physical” proof that supports what you teach. It simply can’t be a coincedence anymore…
    I need, really need to get in touch with someone that knows about this stuff. A master or a teacher – I have so much I want to discuss.
    How can I do this? Do you have communitys in Sweden?
    Please confirm that you’ve read my comment and help me .. There is so much information in text. I can read but not too much, I learn more when I interact and discuss. Need this

    Thank you so so much

  9. Hi I am david even though that is nothing but a label. I would love for a chance to be part of the community. I awoke a few years ago and I’m tired of this mundane way of life we are subjecting ourselves too!!!!!!!! It’s getting out of hand and we are all aware of it my heart cries out with all the love for this beautiful creation of consciousness that we are raping the life out of has nothing left……. when we can’t put our petty differences aside like a bunch of children throwing temper tantrums. We need to bring back the love in the world before it gets out of hand, it’s time we all know we are all connected in consciousness and we all feel the same please message me. I have some things I would love to share that might help. I’m doing everything to not sound crazy but I don’t care at this point and anything I could possibly do to help bring back the universal consciousness to the mass as we once were i dont care if i get shot i love everything so much i cant stand all the suffering. My phone number is 361-254-4547 if u can’t get a hold of me through my email ( thank you for taking the time to read this. One love

  10. I have a few questions for the spirit science team and I would like to share some insight I have if you can get back to me that would be greatly appreciated

  11. I’ve been thinking of this new idea, being a first time voter in one of the most controversial elections I am predicting a spiritual/ thought revolution, not one were lives are lost and people are slaughtered but our way of thinking shifts, everything connects and I believe there is going to be a new wave of consciousness that also aligns with this years election. Bernie’s message is moving and provokes the idea of revolution but trump is the ass that challenges it, if trump becomes president it will push people to want a change. A change in monetary value, spiritual thought and people will seek peace instead of living in this disharmony we live in.
    I have many new thoughts about spirituality and I’ve been on the journey by myself until now, I’m trying to reach out to people and share my ideas. I’d love some feedback, I’ve had many encounters with spirits and many unexplainable extraordinary things have happened to me I’d love a second opinion about my ideas and expirences

  12. Hi,

    For the last three days in my facebook the posts appearing in the name of spirit science is having more sexual contents/subjects than spiritual contents. I doubt that this is not posted by spirit science team as the subjects not matching with your values.


  13. I’m pretty sure your facebook page has been hacked. The amount of fake news and spammy content is unreal.

  14. Hello, I’m not sure what is going on with your facebook posts today, but hopefully you’ve been hacked. Very strange and inappropriate posts – that don’t look like your type of content.

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