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We are Creators after all, and a great many of the videos that you’ll find on this site were written, voiced, and animated by yours truly. These different series below are all projects of love, created by my friends and I as we have been exploring the many facets of reality. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we have making them.

Below the featured series is a collection of additional series that we have posted and shared over the past few years of running this site, feel free to check out all of them, they are here for your growth, entertainment, and everything in between.

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The Works of Team Spirit

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Spirit Science is an animated series that dives into the topics that modern society tells us are taboo to discuss. Things like Astral Projection, Atlantis, and even creation itself. If you’re new to this stuff, Spirit Science is a great place to start!

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Patch Parables is the right brain to Spirit Science’s left brain. While Spirit Science discusses how Spirituality and Science can work  harmoniously together, Patch Parables is all about philosophies on life, understanding the self, and moving into a space of looking internally for answers, rather than externally.

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Pair O’ Dime Shift is a series from the Top-Down, and the Bottom-Up. This series explores what it means to be a creator, cultivating responses to negativity from a space of love, and bringing awareness to the stories that we tell ourselves on a daily basis in order to re-write them and act as the Gods that we are.

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Panic to Freedom is a program that we put together with the intention of being a building block and stepping stone between the increasingly popular space of anxiety and panic, and a space of what Freedom can actually feel like.  Together we can do anything, so lets do it! 

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104 thoughts on “Spirit Series”

  1. I have only recently ran into this thing your calling part spirit part science. I’m having a hard time understanding what your trying to say because everything you say is either complete sci-fi theory or a twisted reality of a true fact. I felt bad at first from all the negative video feedback and debunking of your work, but as I myself tried to find anything credible or something that isn’t a complete guess on your part. I can only assume your doing this for money, the clicks, whatever, because if you actually are printing your LSD trips in video form and believe it…. My wife believes in the supernatural, among other forces that we do not understand, but does not try and push her beliefs onto other people as if it were absolute fact. I can agree with you that we as a species do not have the universe or the meaning of life figured out. Though do you see me picking my favorite conspiracy theories and passing them off as total factual information? No! Normal people admit that they have thoughts and ideas about things that go against what has been proven, BUT THEN if they have the balls to fight the science proven as of now, they do the research, conduct tests, find the real relation to reality as it stands, and provides the results. SURE Jordan, anything is possible, but until you can actually explain what your talking about with actual results that show proof for your claims, your nothing more than another Timothy Leary. I can “say” i saw a ghost, but wouldn’t it make a lot more people see my point if i found a way to present this ghost in a way that people can credit my claims? You cant just fluff with more fluff. Unless of course its as i said in the beginning, its for the clicks, you found a great way to create money by creating media. That being the most likely case… Bravo! That’s literally the only smart thing anyone could conclude from this drivel.

    1. Never once has it been stated in any Spirit Science video the what is being shared is an absolute truth. I very clearly recall a video where in the beginning it says, “Don’t believe or disbelieve anything we discuss in Spirit Science, simply have your own experience.” Also I have seen nearly every video on the Spirit Science page on Youtube and have never paid a dime or been asked for money. However a lot of the messages I have received have helped me to become a more open and compassionate individual. Thinking more from the heart and has created an avenue of understanding of the way in which I perceive the world around me. If Spirit Science isn’t something you need for your journey, no one is forcing you to watch or support. However Spirit Science does make me happy and I always look forward to new things that are shared. The stories are fun and creative and there is not a way to prove or disprove most of them, so I will make a suggestion if you do continue to watch Tyler, don’t take all of it so literal. Step and try to perceive it as the opposite side of the coin, science on one side and spirit on the other, it’s in the name you know :) and find a good balance for yourself.

  2. Absolutely loved all the videos I have seen so far. Thank you for the great content you’re putting out there. I have already recommended your channel to several friends here in São Paulo, where I’m from. Here’s some reading suggestion that you may get a kick out of… Allan Kardec’s books… There are five main ones, in this order, The Book of Spirits, The Book of Mediums, The Gospel According to Spiritism, The Genesis, Heaven and Hell. Also, research a bit about Chico Xavier, he was a Brazilian medium who died just recently. Definitely great material if you choose to delve into it, and it goes hand in hand with your channel. Spiritism is wide-spread in Brazil. Once again, thank you very much for this awesome content.

    1. Can’t even say your name Mr. Anonmous? The joke is on you if you refuse to open your mind/ heart and stay in the matrix… But don’t wreck it for evryone else

    2. This is to you crystal children in your 20s or younger… This site is a good education period .
      Think and feel for yourself learn as much of this stuff as you can … Your generation came for this you are not alone … You are the light of the world And you are loved

  3. 27-WORD MANTRA :

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