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We are Creators after all, and a great many of the videos that you’ll find on this site were written, voiced, and animated by yours truly. These different series below are all projects of love, created by my friends and I as we have been exploring the many facets of reality. We hope you enjoy watching them as much as we have making them.

Below the featured series is a collection of additional series that we have posted and shared over the past few years of running this site, feel free to check out all of them, they are here for your growth, entertainment, and everything in between.

With love,

The Works of Team Spirit

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Spirit Science is an animated series that dives into the topics that modern society tells us are taboo to discuss. Things like Astral Projection, Atlantis, and even creation itself. If you’re new to this stuff, Spirit Science is a great place to start!

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Patch Parables is the right brain to Spirit Science’s left brain. While Spirit Science discusses how Spirituality and Science can work  harmoniously together, Patch Parables is all about philosophies on life, understanding the self, and moving into a space of looking internally for answers, rather than externally.

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Pair O’ Dime Shift is a series from the Top-Down, and the Bottom-Up. This series explores what it means to be a creator, cultivating responses to negativity from a space of love, and bringing awareness to the stories that we tell ourselves on a daily basis in order to re-write them and act as the Gods that we are.

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Panic to Freedom is a program that we put together with the intention of being a building block and stepping stone between the increasingly popular space of anxiety and panic, and a space of what Freedom can actually feel like.  Together we can do anything, so lets do it! 

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Other Videos by our Friends & Families

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44 thoughts on “Spirit Series”

  1. thank you. thank you. thank you. i think this site is brave, inspiring, intelligent, and beautiful. this website specifically ignited my spiritual journey by opening up my eyes to what this world can, and should be.

    thank you.

    1. I do bu
      t I don’t know how to use it (I am not so young anymore, you kids know everything about computers)

  2. I was wondering if there was any information on coins. For instance. A lot of my family finds dimes that are accompaned by a familiar presence like my mom. Do you have a spirit science video on any of this? Thanks for letting me know.

  3. My life since experiencing your site has create synchronicity or I found your site due to synchronicity either way I’m grateful. may your light be bright & your spirit be heard

  4. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

  5. Im always looking for uplifting things and life, and music is one of them but most of the music around lower my vibration and bring you down,
    my question is if there is any recommendation for uplifting music, specially instrumentals (is rare to me to find uplifting lyrics), something in the hard rock, tecno category. I noticed in a lot of videos, in spirit science and other good site, they use very cool music, but no idea where is coming from.

    Any suggstions will be incredible appreciate-

    Love this site, love the topics, love how information is presented, love this way



  6. I just recently signed up and I am really glad to see all of you discussing all of these. I’m from the Philippines and I am also searching for clues and answers about life and who we really are. I’ve been searching for people who have the same ideas and views. Fortunately, I was able to find this website, which by the way is trully awesome!

    Looking forward for this new adventure with all of you!

  7. As soon as I mad an account to be part of this site there was an explosive amount of energy beaming from my chest. It made me feel like I finally found the one place were all the ideas made sense!

  8. i love this site its amazing but i still have so many questions about it all like when will it all happen will we notice or will it just click how can i help when im so powerless my brain has been going crazy every since i found this site its hard keeping up with it and even harder putting it all into words when i try to exsplain this to my friends lol

  9. Hello,

    On Feb. 1st I woke up feeling completly different. Everything in me sensed it was something spiritual. Colors were brighter, everything meant more i felt like I was absorb everything again it was intense I was accuratly in synch with everything and myself, sounds were louder and I felt 100% blissful as if anything could happen to me bad or good and my smile would never fade. It lasted everyday for 8 days and everyday something new was discovered to myself. Numerous things happened throughtout the 8 days. I felt like my forehead and chest were beaming out. By day 8 it seemed to have faded like coming back but coming back different. I use to be dark and negative now I’m total opposite. I have been seeking answers and was wondeing if anyone had any ideas of how this could have happened so randomly? is there a name to my 8 day experience? how do I find others who have experienced this or understand this different level? thank you.

  10. In all of my studies, I have never been so taken by the sheer quantity of information and the ease and simplicity in which it all flowed together. I have been trying to piece together all of the different historical concepts presented by the traditional sciences and the polluted religions with great dissmay. The existance of a higher plain cannot be denied and the evidence is peppered through our dreams. For years I have sensed a change comming and know in my heart that it will be beyond anything that we could imagine. This series has helped me to put a lot of what I have felt into a understandable structure with a great deal of clearity. THank you for the remarkable insights and perspectives.

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