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How to be Anything and Everything in Existence


It’s not as hard  as you might think to see yourself as everyone and everything all around you. In truth, there is no separation. The appearance of individuality and isolated-ness comes from the filters we’ve set up inside the left hemispheres of our brains, as i’m sure if you’ve seen Jill Taylor describe it, when that part of the brain goes away, those laws of separation goes away with it.

It’s actually quite remarkable,  as the awareness of the interconnectedness flows through you to the depth and core of who You really are, you begin to see and recognize the Truth in it, and the old ideas of the way things are begin to break down. So its really working in both directions. The deeper you go into each other, the more the programs break down. And the more you dissect and break down the programs, the deeper you are able to See.

You are a part of everything, you are One with everything, and everything you observe and experience in your external reality is a reflection and a part of what is inside you. Likewise, what is inside you is a reflection of what is happening all around you externally, and thus both must be engaged in, in order to create the transformation and awareness that you seek.


Being anything and everything you desire is not necessarily difficult, it simply takes an awareness, practice, and focus on the thing it is you are trying to achieve and create. Through Meditation, you can create that awareness internally, and then allow it to blend with your physical reality, allowing your physical actions to match the mental, emotional and spiritual awareness of what you’re trying to create.

There’s a video we made about it a while ago… This is the Parable of the Stonecutter.

I suppose you might say as a result that the best way to become everything in existance is to recognize that you are already it. You are already everything in existence, you are One with everything. With that awareness, the only thing left to do is ask… what do you want to do with it? And who do you want to do it with?

The Top 5 Spirit Science Cartoons (Our Pick)

Spirit Science has been an ongoing and evolving project from the beginning. Did you know there was a time when it used to be JUST cartoons on youtube? We didn’t even have a website, it was just some fun videos I put together in my parents basement…  Now we’ve got our own servers and everything! It’s a little crazy, and we’re just still getting started. We’ve got some pretty big plans, and they involve you ;)

But today, we’re gonna take a look at the top 5 Spirit Science cartoons from my perspective. Being the guy that made them, I’ve got my own list of favorites which I just had an absolute blast making, and i’d like to share them with you today, and why I like them :)

Before we begin, I’d also like to open the space to invite YOU to list your top 5 favorite Spirit Science cartoons, and list them in the comments! I will tally the results and post them in a new post, so we can find out what topics the world digs the most too :)

And so, without further adieux…

5. Cosmic Connections

This one really came through me at an important time, a time of some great personal transformation and growth, including some new ideas and awareness about “what” a spirit science video could look like.

I had been putting music in the background of the videos for a while, and I had experimented only briefly with using other youtube videos (other than my own cartoons) in the videos… but in this video, I feel as though I hit a beautiful peak where the video, animation, and music all synced up together and expressed an important message about connection and community… That’s really what it’s all about :)

4. The Keys of our Past

Keys of our Past was one of the earliest videos that was made, and it covered some real ground in looking at our ancient past. In fact, the first video looking at our ancient past, which was really a HUGE setup for the Human History Movie (another of my favorites ;). The precession of the Equinox, our connection to Sirius, and the ancient monuments which lay dormant across the surface of our planet… It’s not stuff you typically hear about, and this video bangs out 3 HUGE topics in no time flat!

3. The Sacred Geometry Movie

Given that this is a top 5 list, there was no way I could pick just ONE Sacred Geometry video…so fortunately, I can cheat a little bit. This is a video compilation of all of the sacred geometry videos that star Patchman, and I think it turned out pretty well :)

2. The Human History Movie

Obviously, the Human History Movie has GOT to be on this list. This is the one that pretty much everyone has seen… or at least, the one that everyone says they are introduced to spirit science through. That may not be 100% accurate, but there is some truth there. This video is quite literally insane, in some of the best ways possible!

What’s crazy is that this was never intended to be a movie! The Human History Movie was originally a 5 part episode (Episode 12) which was then later on edited together by my dear friend Andrew Golden, who made some wicked magic with his mad video editing skillz. Without him, I’m not sure I would have thought to make it a movie, and its because of his love that this video has done as well as it has. Accumulatively, this video has probably over 10 Million views on Youtube. Many people have uploaded and reshared it, and the Spirit Science Official Version actually doesn’t have nearly the amount of views as the other ones. It’s really not a huge problem, that tidbit is really just interesting to me.

1. Power of the Heart

Coming in at number 1 is the Power of the Heart. This whole video was based on a PDF that I downloaded from the Institute of heartmath website, where they described in essence the power of the Heart, the hearts energy field, the Toroidal Field, and all of that stuff. It’s because of this video that paved the way for some later ones such as Singularities and Toroidal Flow. And on top of that, this video was simply just made with a ton of love :) Just watch it, you’ll see what i’m talking about.

What are you favorite Spirit Science videos? List them in the comments and we’ll poll them up!

Spirit Cycles 2 ~ Mars Crescendograde

You know the idea that a subtle flitter of a butterfly’s wing can be the catalyst for the creation of a hurricane or a tornado on the other side of the planet? This applies to everything, and mars retrograde is no exception. The smallest shift, the change in the gravitational relationship with mars, created a much larger results with many smaller shifts and events that played out here on earth.

Use this opportunity to the experiences, trials, tribulations, and successes of the past several months. Look at how things might have been different.

This is really all about alchemy. Mars is a strong male vibration. The God of War. Libra is the house of Balance. The scales. Put them together and what do you got? Coupled with Retrograde which is the female opposite to Mars, and you have a perfect Trinity. Continue reading

Spirit Science 27 ~ The Vacuum of Space

There is some really exciting information available these days about the structure of the vacuum of space. Essentially – the structure by which molecules, atoms, and pretty much everything grows to try and replicate this fundamental pattern.

It is beautiful by design, and represents a perfect phi-based harmonic flow of energy and information through the vacuum that reality exists within.

I’m gonna stop spamming links that say “Pass it Around!” I figure if you like it, you will :)

This video was created by Team Spirit – Jordan, Ray, Celine and Kris. We put it together over the course of this week, and we’re working hard on next week as you watch this!

A lot of the information was based on Nassim Harameins work and the documentary “Black Whole”, but there are also some clips from another youtube video called “The Infinite In-Between”, check it out, it’s really fun.

Oh, and before I forget – If you want to learn about time traveling particles, do a search for “Tachyons” or just google “Time Traveling Particles”, that’s a good place to start ^^

We made a video last week for Jamie Janover for the Sonic Bloom Festival coming up in a few months. If you’re into the festival scene, you’ll have a great time!!

Spirit Science 23 ~ The Sacred Geometry Movie

Spirit Science began on this exact monday morning exactly 3 years ago on the nose…. I seriously JUST found that out, as I was posting it right now! How amazing is that?!

Sacred Geometry: The Geometry of Consciousness. Ever since I was struck in the head with the realization that all things were connected, Sacred Geometry has been a gateway to a new awareness of the world. The door to the 3rd eye, which only makes sense as the pineal gland is the lens for awareness of geometry and patterns in our physical bodies. a

musicgeometry1I’ve also seen a lot of people who have said they really get a lot out of the sacred geometry Spirit Science episodes… and so I thought we’d put together something special for you. A way for you to get the WHOLE download, all at once, without constantly having to flip between videos.

Sacred Geometry is the representation of the patterns that exist around and through all things. The repeating patterns life takes, the technological patterns we’ve made as well, patterns of the stars and celestial bodies. I suppose the question that we’re truly asking here is – are the patterns random, or is there a force that flows through them?

…and is it anything like the force from star wars..?  Continue reading

Spirit Science 22 (part 5) ~ Vessels of Light

What do light, singularities, consciousness, and boundary layers all have in common?

The original concept behind this video was a script written by an old friend of mine named Moises, who wrote a script about Light and its relationship to the container around it. The container being the boundary layer between the internal and the external awareness.

This is an exploration into that idea, that we are not the internal, nor the external, but the awareness of both, and the science and theory of how that works. Enjoy!

The vessel is a created form by the consciousness that came together to create something new. The example that we use in this video is the Seed and the Egg at the moment of conception. The point in which a new “thing” is created entirely. Continue reading