The Crystal Movement!

The Crystal Movement

To learn about the Crystal Movement, check out this episode of Spirit Science, where we discuss the Crystal Movement! The movement of Crystals around the world!

It’s time that Crystals began to help us change the world and raise our frequencies to a higher place of light and love. By sharing crystals with each other, burying them in sacred places, doing ceremonies or just leaving them around in public areas, we can begin to bring intense rays of love and healing to each other and the planet!

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39 thoughts on “The Crystal Movement!”

  1. I even ask my teacher and she said “yes, crystal do provide you energy”. And she’s a scientist! I LOVE SPIRIT SCIENCE!!!!!

  2. This set of videos [the crystal movie, to be exact..] is what got me hooked on the Spirit Science life! Truly amazing, I even got my mother hooked on it! Thank you, Spirit Patch

  3. When I was leaving home to go to school, I picked up my usual citrine. I don’t know why, but I picked up another crystal, because I felt that I would need it.
    Well, when I arrived at school I saw my portuguese teacher (I live in Brazil) very very sad… I asked her what was going on, and she said that she was felling blue, because discovered that she was with breast cancer. I huged her and I gave her the crystal, telling her to always believe in love, and that everything will gonna be all right.
    She becamed very moved, cried a lot and thanked me very much! It made me so purely happy… I had a beautiful sensation of peace and happiness!

    Thanks for taking this initiative, dear Patchman! This really will make all the difference!

    ps: sorry sorry sorry about my bad english!! :(

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