Welcome to Spirit Science! A discussion and exploration into the nature of the universe and our infinite connection to everything around us.

Spirit Science started as an animated video series, and today we are still creating more and more to expand the discussion about what all of this stuff really means! If you want to go straight to the video collection, click here.


What is Spirit Science About?

Spirit Science is about the harmonic merging of things that previously we have believed did not fit together. Things such as “Spirit” and “Science”, perhaps “Democrats” and “Republicans”, or even all the way to Dance and Mathematics.

It is the blending of Male and Female energies. The natural blending of our mathematical, logical understanding, and the emotional, magical, and spiritual way of life that have been separate for far too long.

It is time for the Two to become One, once more.


We are living in exceptional times. The world around us is beginning its descent into madness. While Riots and Protests have been sweeping across the nations of the world, there are many a movements starting to take place that speaks to a different truth, ands a new way of life.

It’s the idea that we are all connected. The idea that through love, anything is possible. That you are a Creator, and through our awareness of the world around us, we can create a massive change in the way that we do things.

In fact, it is our responsibility to use the gifts we have been given to create a transformation in this world.

It is up to us. Nobody else can do it, and we cannot wait for anyone else to make a difference in the world. All it takes for Evil to triumph, is if Good People do nothing.

So how do we get started? What does it look like? I think many of us are still searching for answers to those questions. What I’ve learned is the power in connection, the power in coming together with those of like heart, and mind, who share in the desire to make a difference, and the will to see to it that it happens.

bhaktiblissSeek out your brothers and sisters. Your fathers, mothers, sons and daughters in Spirit. Very simply, it’s those people who you connect with on a real level. An honest level, a level of awareness and intimacy beyond the social constructs we’ve put in place which limit communication.

It is through these connections that we begin to really make a difference in the way that we do things, we begin to develop support structures for each other, and can do things together on a larger scale than we could have individually.

As the old way collapses, we are all collectively creating the next “thing”. What will that look like?

Will We continue to fight each other, and fight against the old system, barricading ourselves with walls of separation?

Or will we move into a state of shared awareness with each other, a state of unity. A space of understanding that we are all One, and move into harmony with the natural environment all around us…?

I suppose that decision is up to you.

Welcome to Spirit Science. Thank you for being here, you are welcomed with open arms!

With all of the love in the world,
Jordan Pearce
Creator of Spirit Science


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293 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Is it possible for me to speak with jordan pearce or a member of the Spirit science team? I have studied your findings and have done colossal amount of research on my own. I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you that pertain to societies stability, Technologies that are being implemented against the people, and upcoming events. I know there is misleading controversial information out there which is why I would like to talk to you. I greatly respect your opinion and I would absolutely love for you to reply. My email is linkl13@yahoo.com

  2. Hi,
    I am from nepal . Do you have any answers that is not scientific I mean spirit science way of this natural disaster that can be interpreted

    1. In lesson 9 you told use about astral projection but you didn’t tell us how to do it. How do you do it? I’ve tried it many times but it didn’t work. Loved the video by the way.

    2. Meditate. Its actually true that we can control our feelings if we really want to (: and when that doesn’t work you need change. Stress is only felt when you’re unhappy and umcomfortable with your daily routine. Unless you’re happy and contented with what you’re doing, stress will follow you around.

  3. I recently found this page on Facebook and to be honest it shocked me. Not only by how true the information was but also hit home because 7 years ago, when I was in high school I started telling my classmates we were all connected and if we loved each other the world would be a better place. long story short everyone said i was crazy and i was placed in a mental hospital only to find myself surrounded by people with similar beliefs. It is truly a blessing to know i am not crazy, that this society is so brainwashed that anything outside of the “norm” is considered a mental illness. thank you so much

  4. Dear Jordan,
    I have been on a very liberating journey since I became a mother. Lets just call it, my husband and I, are the first people on the planet, who chose to raise our baby completely against the norm.
    You may think… ‘sure, every parent thinks that’. But hear me out.
    Of coarse this method came along with its set of judgements and risen eyebrows!

    What if I told you that there is a baby, who has never eaten any form of solid, purified or liquidised foods in her entire life.
    Nor has she drank any liquids -including water, at the age of 16 months (she only drank a sip of water a handful of times to experience a different taste)and she will continue this process until she reaches the age of two (24 months)
    What if I told you this child has only ONE source of food/liquid running through her vain’s, and that is FRESH (unformulated) GOATS MILK?
    What if this human baby is the only one of every other baby we have met, know of, or seen, who does not get as much as a common cold, even when surrounded by very sick people?

    This child exists and I am the very witness to this living testimony of a pure, healthy little human being, who grows like a weed and is evidently advanced in her physical and mental development.

    Unfortunately, the medical scientific world is not allowing this powerful information to be shared or acknowledged, due to the most Magical food on the planet, Goats milk, getting the back seat, in order for formula milk and solid food to be forced onto babies, who are not equipped yet before the age of 24 months, to hold utensils properly or have molars to refine food with, who are clearly not ready to consume anything other then natural fresh goats milk.
    There are no scientific research available, that backs up how we nutritionally choose to raise our child. There is plenty on Goats milk, but not for raising a baby/infant.
    If people with babies knew what we knew, they will stop following the way we have been taught up until now and are still being taught.
    Life is simple and doctors visits, with sick children are unnecessary.
    There are ways, other to that which we have been taught, that works and promises children/human’s, infinite health and well being, but has not yet been discovered, tried and tested and therefore are not being explored.

    God promised man, that we will always have enough Goats milk to feed our whole family, our helpers and their family members.
    It seems like, in modern times, people forgot about this promise?
    That’s besides the fact that everywhere in history in the world, Goats milk was used as food and even medicine in Greece!

    I truly wish and intend for this Magical source of Pure and Wholesome food, to be discovered and acknowledged by the human race and may every newborn baby be raised on it, and as a result live a life free of any serious or mild disease.
    That is the promise, Goats milk has to offer, after all.
    Its up to us, to trust, without scientific evidence, this ancient, original and pure magical food source. Available everywhere on the planet, with Love.

    Thank you for creating a space of sharing.
    the Healthy Bambino

    1. To Healthy Bambino… wonderful “parenting’. thank you. If only i knew about this 58 years ago.
      All the best to you, ruthie

  5. Can someone help me learn how to astral project. I was trying to do it one time and felt a strong vibration and got scared and baled now I get nothing. :(. I think I almost got it.

  6. So would you say that this belief is a form.of witch craft or what? Trying to understand completely because my boyfriend soon husband believes strongly in spirit science.

  7. I started following your facebook page even before visiting your website. Today I am on your site for first time and I must tell you that this is awesome. I am a truth-seeker with a strong belief in spiritual science and I got lot of such stuffs in your website. Keep it up and continue providing us such great knowledge.

  8. Dear Spirit Science team,

    Could you do a segment on Life Activation ? do the methods used in Life Activation have any ability to do what they say they do ?

  9. Dear Jordan and the Spirit Science network!

    Let´s unite!
    I´m creating a platform to unite the spiritual teachings, so it can reach and inspire more people. Now I’m trying to collect enough money to actually build it. The concept is to collect knowledge from all over the web, systemize and rate it, and then publish it to the right audience at the right time. All work done collectively. I want to help educating the world to the highest level possible, and create a system so fun and easy to use, that it also will attract the restless type that before didn’t take the time to discover this.

    Take a look at it! :

    Feel free to write me back, and I wish you all the best!

  10. Hi,
    I am interested in learning about your digital advertising. I would love to hear from you.


  11. Hey, i really did enjoy your videos….. until i got hooked on them and made me ill.. i experienced a’ psychotic episode’. I was meditating and heard my name being said in a loud and clear voice.. I started feeling as if i was waking up inside a dream.. has anyone else had a similar experience? It was scary but i just wish i knew how to deal with it instead of being taken to hospital and being told i was experiencing a mental illness
    with love

  12. All I can say is WOW!!! I have had thoughts and ideas on our origins but never thought it could be explained so neatly and effectivelly. 54 years old tried, religion, No religion, drugs, Alcohol ALL to no avail. Your Spirit Science Series truly started me thinking. I can recall as a child having dreams of flying vageuly recalling that my fear of the unknown always woke me up. Could it ne I was Lucid Dreaming or Astrally Projecting I do not know. I do know days I try not to dream as they have become tormenting frightful affairs starting about 20 years ago, Perhaps open my mind more now and explore what is going on in me and around me. So many answers and even more questions now.

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