Welcome to Spirit Science! A discussion and exploration into the nature of the universe and our infinite connection to everything around us.

Spirit Science started as an animated video series, and today we are still creating more and more to expand the discussion about what all of this stuff really means! If you want to go straight to the video collection, click here.


What is Spirit Science About?

Spirit Science is about the harmonic merging of things that previously we have believed did not fit together. Things such as “Spirit” and “Science”, perhaps “Democrats” and “Republicans”, or even all the way to Dance and Mathematics.

It is the blending of Male and Female energies. The natural blending of our mathematical, logical understanding, and the emotional, magical, and spiritual way of life that have been separate for far too long.

It is time for the Two to become One, once more.


We are living in exceptional times. The world around us is beginning its descent into madness. While Riots and Protests have been sweeping across the nations of the world, there are many a movements starting to take place that speaks to a different truth, ands a new way of life.

It’s the idea that we are all connected. The idea that through love, anything is possible. That you are a Creator, and through our awareness of the world around us, we can create a massive change in the way that we do things.

In fact, it is our responsibility to use the gifts we have been given to create a transformation in this world.

It is up to us. Nobody else can do it, and we cannot wait for anyone else to make a difference in the world. All it takes for Evil to triumph, is if Good People do nothing.

So how do we get started? What does it look like? I think many of us are still searching for answers to those questions. What I’ve learned is the power in connection, the power in coming together with those of like heart, and mind, who share in the desire to make a difference, and the will to see to it that it happens.

bhaktiblissSeek out your brothers and sisters. Your fathers, mothers, sons and daughters in Spirit. Very simply, it’s those people who you connect with on a real level. An honest level, a level of awareness and intimacy beyond the social constructs we’ve put in place which limit communication.

It is through these connections that we begin to really make a difference in the way that we do things, we begin to develop support structures for each other, and can do things together on a larger scale than we could have individually.

As the old way collapses, we are all collectively creating the next “thing”. What will that look like?

Will We continue to fight each other, and fight against the old system, barricading ourselves with walls of separation?

Or will we move into a state of shared awareness with each other, a state of unity. A space of understanding that we are all One, and move into harmony with the natural environment all around us…?

I suppose that decision is up to you.

Welcome to Spirit Science. Thank you for being here, you are welcomed with open arms!

With all of the love in the world,
Jordan Pearce
Creator of Spirit Science


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307 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Can you put me on a email list too so i have a direct link access to your Spirit Science site & all of it content.
    thank you , great stuff here.

  2. I am forced to like it more than infinite times through my deeper conscious sir. Now what is there beyond expanded consciousness. That’s my humble question.

  3. Hey Jordan…. Here’s one for you… But, first I MUST relay my appreciation of your knowledge and that you whole heartedly share…. Most awesome… Anyways, I just launched a new video of my
    “Metaton Sacred Site Series” project and I would like to share it with you and whomever you would share it with…. Please have a look… And, thanks again for your efforts…

  4. I’m very much interested in receiving information about your website… do you have a email or mailing list I could join so I can keep up with your information & posts?
    Thank you

  5. Hi my first time here but really would like to ask have you wrote any books on your subjects and if so where can I buy them
    Have a perfect day
    King regards

  6. While I can agree with and laud your commentary and concepts, I still have to bow to my OCD and my past as a teacher when I read your posting. Spelling and grammar are important, as some people still notice these things. As I stated, the philosophy and movement are very much attuned with my own. The need for corrections is my ‘problem’ or preference depending on your point of view. The best to you, and thanks for the article on empaths, empathy, and the evolution of consciousness.

  7. This is amazing stuff. I had no idea my mind was my own. I had been a heavy drinker and a drug addict for almost 13 years. When in a drunk state of mind I searched the internet for something . I needed answers. I found them here. I write today because it is one year ago today I found this site.
    In 12 days I will be stone cold sober for one year. The only reason I am who I am is because of the true honest information here.
    Thank you.

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