Welcome to Spirit Science! A discussion and exploration into the nature of the universe and our infinite connection to everything around us.

Spirit Science started as an animated video series, and today we are still creating more and more to expand the discussion about what all of this stuff really means! If you want to go straight to the video collection, click here.


What is Spirit Science About?

Spirit Science is about the harmonic merging of things that previously we have believed did not fit together. Things such as “Spirit” and “Science”, perhaps “Democrats” and “Republicans”, or even all the way to Dance and Mathematics.

It is the blending of Male and Female energies. The natural blending of our mathematical, logical understanding, and the emotional, magical, and spiritual way of life that have been separate for far too long.

It is time for the Two to become One, once more.


We are living in exceptional times. The world around us is beginning its descent into madness. While Riots and Protests have been sweeping across the nations of the world, there are many a movements starting to take place that speaks to a different truth, ands a new way of life.

It’s the idea that we are all connected. The idea that through love, anything is possible. That you are a Creator, and through our awareness of the world around us, we can create a massive change in the way that we do things.

In fact, it is our responsibility to use the gifts we have been given to create a transformation in this world.

It is up to us. Nobody else can do it, and we cannot wait for anyone else to make a difference in the world. All it takes for Evil to triumph, is if Good People do nothing.

So how do we get started? What does it look like? I think many of us are still searching for answers to those questions. What I’ve learned is the power in connection, the power in coming together with those of like heart, and mind, who share in the desire to make a difference, and the will to see to it that it happens.

bhaktiblissSeek out your brothers and sisters. Your fathers, mothers, sons and daughters in Spirit. Very simply, it’s those people who you connect with on a real level. An honest level, a level of awareness and intimacy beyond the social constructs we’ve put in place which limit communication.

It is through these connections that we begin to really make a difference in the way that we do things, we begin to develop support structures for each other, and can do things together on a larger scale than we could have individually.

As the old way collapses, we are all collectively creating the next “thing”. What will that look like?

Will We continue to fight each other, and fight against the old system, barricading ourselves with walls of separation?

Or will we move into a state of shared awareness with each other, a state of unity. A space of understanding that we are all One, and move into harmony with the natural environment all around us…?

I suppose that decision is up to you.

Welcome to Spirit Science. Thank you for being here, you are welcomed with open arms!

With all of the love in the world,
Jordan Pearce
Creator of Spirit Science


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55 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I just want to thank you with all my heart for your working! It is amasing! It help me a lot!
    With love and gratitud
    Rita from Portugal

  2. Found out your videos on youtube… I think I was supposed to… These new learnings literately changed my perspective.. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for this warm welcome!
    Have been following your work for the past year with spirit science, PTF, etc. I love what you create!

  4. What a warm welcome! <3 Thank you.
    Just by reading just a little bit of your website i suddenly became aware, loving and caring even more!

    L.O.L <3 Lots of LOVE <3
    Vegard from Norway

  5. I have watched Spirit Science series sometime last year and it was very interesting. But what drew me to this website was my last adventure dealing with sleep paralysis. I found a lot of theories but none has register with me. I have had these encounters every since I can remember but the episodes where never with the same type of entities (large, small, verbal and non-verbal). I have read other people encounters some are familiar and some weren’t. I have read the typical science meaning for what is going on but its not to the degree where it is true for me. If there are any books on giving me the Metaphysical meaning, I would be most appreciative.

  6. Hi Jordan,
    I’m very impressed with you and the content of your website. I’m wondering where you got all these spiritual knowledge. Did you know intuitively? Maybe combination of your intuition and research?
    Do you mind if I make some suggestion? Some other people may have already mentioned. Your lesson videos are very good, except, the spiritpatch talks to fast! Eespecialy the ones that deal with science. Also, what you are showing is very deep, which calls for slower pace. I urge you to make him speak much slower. Anyway, thank you for educating people on spirip science.

  7. When I watch videos like this one it makes me feel so…connected. Thank you…Since I was a kid I knew I was different…or better said….I knew I was being called to understand “life” in a different light. When I was a kid I would hide somewhere around the house or in the backyard and meditate. Not even knowing what meditation was all about I would simply sit with my legs crossed, close my eyes, breath, and listen to the sound of silence and nature. I somehow knew my mind was capable of amazing things because I would put rocks in front of me while meditating and try to lift it with my mind…I never did, but I never got frustrated…for me it was just a muscle I had to exercise. I understood the immense power of love and the connection we have with everything. What I am trying to say is that the more I walk on this earth the more I am realizing my purpose…my way. I know now I am not alone…we are not alone…thank you.

  8. i have a share some usefull info with you guys and i think its good to tell ather people about the dark thinks thet can happen like how the cort between your body and spirit can break with out going to die en how you can protect them from the dangers insade all this cuz my friend was really agry about thet cuz he can see them all the time all the lost spirits so please help

    1. and i hope its readable cuz i know my english is not the best but i hope you guys can read it

      and for those who might be shockt please dont be ther is no need for stress or fear and even when you think you lose it remeber to breath

  9. Hello People;
    I must be honest since truth is my path. This year has been the hardest year I have ever had. My beloved Husband, Best Friend & Soul-Mate passed away on June 19 2013 just a few days before our anniversary on the 21st of June.

    This lead me down a dark path, (please don’t think in good or bad terms) feeling lost not knowing where to turn. Long story short because I lost my home shortly after my beloved died I’m currently staying with my son. We stumbled across Spirit Science on YouTube when looking for some form of entertainment. We both immediately connected with it.

    To my surprise I found Sacred Geometry in a Painting I recently did of a box (Cube) that held within it the essence of my true self. The symbol on that box surprising flowed with Sacred Geometry. On my computer screen was the Nautilus Shell. I had no idea when I chose that picture that it was Fibonacci. This told me that The Universe had been leading me to this whole new adventure.

    I still Grieve each day for my beloved, I still talk to him. I know he can hear me I can hear him too. It has become even more important for me to live in truth to the point that I recently walked out on a job that wanted me to do something in the name of money that went against the essence of who I am. I may be jobless now but my conscious is clean.

    I feel a strong desire to delve into the whole Sacred Geometry/ Fibonacci/ Flower of life. It seems this is where my path is leading me.

  10. Hello, Spirit Science People! I am new and would like to delve deeper and have more experiences. I have a panic disorder and it makes it very difficult to do many things i want to try, like meditating and Astral projection. When I am not distracted, I have to physically think about breathing, and it is quite strenuous. If you guys could think of anything to help I would appreciate it a lot.

    1. idk id anyon3 does this but I smok3 some weed before I go into the soirit world its worth a try especially for new smokers :3

  11. Hello!!! :) i’ve been mildly into this stuff since i was about 14 but the more i get on this site and watch Spirit Science videos the more everything in life makes sense and the better my life is. I just wanted to drop by and say YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME AND I LOVE THE STUFF YOU DO AND THE MESSAGES YOU SEND OUT, please never stop. You’ve helped me so much in the past two years. Thank you. <3

    1. I’ve been into this stuff..
      I really really need to get a hold of Jordan.
      The creator of Spirit Science, I have some info, he’ll want to know, and I have lots of questions. Please someone help me get a hold of him, please.

  12. Many thanks for all the posts and knowledge you are all amazing people especially Jordan for creating this website. Finally a place I feel welcome with like minded folk I always had questions and your finally delivering answers, Best Wishes to all, thanks for spreading love and much love your way as well Namaste

  13. Hi. I’m relatively new to spirit science. I was raised christian and was taught that if i believed anything else i would be cast into the lake of sulpher. This all makes sense but im kind of sad. I always felt safe in thinking Jesus was watching over me. now i don’t know who is watching over me instead. please help.

    1. No, no, no! You have the wrong idea! Jesus is still watching over you! He is an ascended master and obviously one of the most popular ones. He watches over millions of people – including all Christians. Guiding and helping us along to lively lives full of karma and guide us on our life’s journey and path. Mother May and King Solomon are also ascended masters and dont forget about the Archangels. Gabriel, Michael and Raphael just to name a few that are also always working with us and guiding us to a place of complete unconditional love. I was also raised as a Christian and I still pray to God as well as the Archangels – because this is the way I have been taught to connect with the higher source. If you wanna know more – you should buy Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle cards. They not like Tarot (which I know can be scary for Christians because of the Taboo nature it was given by the Church in the Middle Ages) – they offer daily or weekly or whenever you need guidance and they will teach you what each angel symbolises and can help you with. If you wanna go further then buy Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Masters Oracle Card deck and you can get to know each and every ascended master there is and you’ll come across Kind Solomon, Jesus and Mother Mary. You can feel even safer now because there are so many more angels and ascended masters watching over you, then you ever thought before. I hope this all comforts you – if u dont wanna buy the decks – then just google all the stuff I mentioned – Doreen Virtue just explains it the best for me, so I would suggest googling it with connection to her. :)

    2. Hi, Indigo-

      Jesus Christ was a great philosopher and his miracles helped gather an organization of lovers known as Christianity-

      Unfortunately the Dark Ages and Middle Ages corrupted the institutions that inherited Jesus’ ways, so they began to use fear rather than love to attract its followers and thats why you are told stories of lakes of sulphur.

      Many things watch over you, but the most noticeable of those things are the people you love. Spirit Science is about discussing what that really means and a myriad of other subjects.

      You can continue to be Christ-like, and the sadness and fear you feel is only a repercussion of the emotional damage the current system of religion has given you.

      Instead focus on exploring new ideas without boundaries or limits, but always remember to let your exploring be fueled by your heart.

    3. Relax. Hell is almost certainly not real, and neither is this stuff. There is still someone watching over you and working constantly to keep you safe and happy. That person is you. Your trusted friends family and loved ones have an eye on you as well.

      Everything I have seen here is little more than pointless speculation with no evidence to back its claims. If you really want to feel safe what you need is an evidence based understanding of how the world actually works. Accepting unverified claims will almost certainly lead you to a false sense of security and a poor understanding of the world. The same false sense of security that kept Jews calm as they walked into the gas chamber slaughter houses in WW2.

      Don’t ever take someones word alone for truth. Always seek the source for yourself. That is the only way to truth.

      1. thank you all. i never thought of it that way. i was in an argument with my mother about Christianity. i found it unfair that there are places in the world where people get shot if u say Jesus’ name but had to worship him to get to heaven. I’m thirteen and more spiritually active than most kids my age. I always question why i had to worship god. Ive explored many religions such as witchcraft buddhism and Christianity. thank you. i never new jesus was an escended master. i just started reading the flower of life books.

        1. My Man, Fellow Indie! Gman gets you! Gman was raised to be a Christian too and without Christianity…Gman wouldn’t be here! This is why: 1 of Gman’s greatest fears was being deceived by SATAN(Saturn) because, Gman wants truth. At the time…Gman was watching some of those controversial TV shows. After keeping an open mind and listening from 3rd person and questioning why SOME (not all) Christians do things like MURDER, Gman realized something:

          (dun-dun! D:)
          Have you ever learned how Jesus Christ is related to the SUN GOD? If you dare to look it up…BRACE YOURSELF. If you still want to give away your life force through worship, Gman has no objections, but humbly suggest that you pay homage to the FISH. Because an Jesus IMPOSTER came to be in a dream to be worshiped and Gman totally fell for it!
          Fear not young Indie, you got us all behind your back (including Gman <3)

    4. Hey im born in 99 to! i have quite an understanding o spirituality from the wise people In my life! Just let it in Jesus was real but christian beliefs were taken to extremes due to the dark ages and the Roman Catholics, It does not mean that you have to forget your beliefs or that you are betraying them, just open your mind, and love remember we are the salvation!

  14. Hi i just started fallowing your youtube videos accidently started on 12 but im caught up now leaving off on 13. i just finished the lesson on crystal movement and have an idea for you. A great way to move crystals would be thru something called geocaching. im not sure if anyone has brought it up yet but i think u might be interested. basically its a GIANT world wide treasure hunt and one of the rules is if u decide to take an object u must leave one of equal or greater value. eh eh see where im going with this. leave crystals. not only will children love to care them around but im sure the crystals themselves will have a great new home. any way thats all i had to say….for now :D ok bye!

    1. I have been leaving crystals and stones in geocaches here in my neck of the woods! I think this is a wonderful idea and a great way to move the stones and crystals around!

  15. Would like to do a 3 month, film study on Spirit science. Was wondering if a book study with Q & A and maybe group discussions was available ?

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